Some photos from around the farm

Not too much has been going on the last few days and work has got in the way of everything as usual. Here's a few photos I took around the farm during the last two days. My heritage grape vine "Bishop Pompallier" has decided this year it likes its new home and at last some leaves are starting to appear. I don't think we'll be eating any grapes this year perhaps next if all goes well that is. My first lily has appeared in our pond. I've been waiting for three years for this particular tropical variety to finally flower - it was worth it.. Maggies' little hoard of eggs -we counted around ten (I stole all but one!). The Terrorist decided Sasha's empty feed bucket was worth investigating so I had to take a photo. She's small but so funny and I shouldn't really let her out around the house but I do. Well that's all for now folks. Until the next time..take care all.


  1. Nice pictures! Too cute of the terrorist! I love how curious they are, they get into some cute and funny situations dont they!? Ok...bedtime for me, so I gotta run, but had fun looking at the pictures!

  2. Just after I took that one The Terrorist found a Madarin on the driveway and ate it! She didn't seem too unhappy about it either - hope she doesn't get a tummy ache.
    Take care

  3. I once had a cow that liked to eat broccoli and paper. Never got sick.
    Those cows surprise you sometimes.


  4. I think they do Jennifer. I had another last year that ate my washing after she escaped.And she didn't come to any harm


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