This really would get anyone angry - 'Protesters: Eating Cats Shameful and Cruel

I cut this clipping out of the Northern Advocate from last Saturday. My kids were disgusted and asked me to post this up. Eating cats has been a centuries old practice in China. Now modern times have caught up more and more people in China are saying the practice is both cruel and abhorrent. Because I'm in the media part time I tend to post stuff up like this. I've retyped the article so you can read it better. I'd like opinions on this one.

Protesters: Eating cats shameful and cruel

A southern Chinese province must stop the "shameful' and "cruel slaughter" of cats for food, a group of more than 40 animal lovers in Beijing said as they unfurled banners in a tearful protest.

Thousands of cats have been caught in the past week by traders and transported to Guangdong province to be killed for food, said the protesters gathered at the Guangdong government's office in Beijing,

"We are very angry because the cats are being skinned and then cooked alive. We must make them correct this uncivilised behaviour," said Wang Hongyao.

The protesters urged the provincial government to crack down on cat traders and restaurants that serve cat meat, although no law says it is illegal to eat cats. The demonstrators held up banners saying "Cooking cats alive! Shame on Guangdong!" and "Resolutely oppose slaughter".

Chinese media in recent days carried pictures of furry felines peering out through bamboo crates and metal cages as they were being loaded onto trains, apparently to be transported to Guangdon's capital. Other pictures show cats being skinned in restaurant kitchens.

The Chengdu Business Daily said Guangdong people eat 10,000 cats a day. Many of the protesters in Beijing said they had been caring for stray cats and have used their pensions to feed and spey them.

"These cats, they are like our children," said Cui Qingzhen. "We can't let these people to this to them."

- Sourced AP (Clipping from the Northern Advocate)

You can also read about the Campaign to stop the slaughter in China of Cats and dogs at the Sirius Global Animal Organisation Website. WARNING ON THIS SITE THE IMAGES ARE VERY GRAPHIC AND MAY UPSET. The stories there are disturbing and heartbreaking. I would like to see comments on this. What do you think?


  1. Absolutely horrible!! Similar thing goes on in tiger farming and lion and bear farming when they breed these magnificent animals and later slaughter them. It just seems that people have no respect and understanding for animals in certain parts of the world..seems like a major hole somewhere in their conscience - hope the government there puts a stop to it!!

  2. I have heard some horrible things in my life time but, is the worst thing I have heard in a long time and cooking them while still alive is unspeakable. Shame on them, cats are God's creatures, too.
    What is this world coming to anyway ?

  3. Snow Forest - Omer I agree with you. It's made me sick to the core. My girls were just looking at the photos on the Sirius Site. They were sickened and angry with disbelief. So many corrupt officials in China. I hope there is a crack down.

    Leslie - Yes this is sickening. And other animals are suffering as well. My girls were really upset about it. I'm just downright angry. I hate senseless slaughter this is one of those examples. Sadly this practice is not new. I have an old cookbook here somewhere for Chinese Cooking and it includes a recipe for cat stew that is 500 years old as well as bear paw soup and would you believe bumble bees and friend ants.

  4. That is awful! I hope more awareness is made of this issue. Thanks Liz for pointing it out. It is sad, but it needs to be discussed.


  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I think it is one thing to humanely euthanise an animal from sickness and or injury or if rehoming is not an option but this is just downright barbaric. My girls really wanted this article to be posted and I agreed with them. I think this hits home. The Sirius Website shows a lot more than just the killing of cats. It also shows incidences of graphic cruelty very very upsetting.

  6. I'm speechless....I dont think any words can describe the "horror" thats going on in'm sick to my core being. I just dont think ALL animals are created for consumtion. ghastly. Good for your girls to want to bring awareness.....dont let it end there! I'm gonna post about this too....we all should do our small part and spread the awareness....
    I wish your other pics would have downloaded for me, I've had a heck of a time getting to this point tonight on your blog! Glad you got to talk with your you we are just going to be thankful that we get one more Christmas with my grandma..makes it bitter sweet doesnt it. I hope its not as sad for us as Thanksgiving was....I was happy yet very saddened all at the same time...well I've rattled enough I'll give someone else a chance to comment...just sick...sick sick sick....I just deleted part of my comment....about the conditions of the strays all over the world and the irresponsiblity of people not spaying and neutering, forcing many animals so many claim to love to have to live, suffer and die in the streets...but I probably would have offended someone. So I'll leave it at that and do my own B$&*@y post about that! LOL

  7. That is disgusting and it's same with dogs. My parents went to China about15 years ago and they ordered chicken off the menu, when they got it, the meat was very chewy and as they walked through the back entrance of the restaurant to get back to their hotel, they saw dogs in cages, poor little things...

  8. Hey Rae. I'm with you on this. I'm sickened. More so when Isaw the Sirius Website at least they are trying to stop it. so so sad and disturbing that such a sick thing is allowed to happen. Over here it would never be allowed. May be custom but it is wrong.

    Merry Christmas Rae
    Love Liz

    Hi Amy,

    Yes it just shows you. My sister went to China about the same time as your parents did. She ordered something and it turned out to be cat. She was so horrified and was sick when she found out through her interpreter the truth. Sad and sickening. This should be stopped.

  9. This is absolutely disgusting and horrible. Cats are our lovely feline friends and are not food! Anyone who treats any animal inhumanely should be punished. I can't even bear to think about this!

    Enough said!


  10. Hi Leslie,

    Way to go!!! I don't eat my cats. It's terrible and should be stopped.A lot of angry people here on the blog over this. I put it up because my girls want people to be aware this is going on. So do I.

    Merry Christmas Leslie

  11. Meredith thanks for commenting. It is sick and cruel and something has to be done about it. I hope the government there do crack down on this terrible trade.

    Merry Christmas

  12. Thank you for posting about this continuing hideous barbarity. There just seems no end to the way humans will find to torture animals to satisfy their own gluttony and egos. About ten years ago in the UK a documentary maker Tony Thomas made a documentary called "Man & Animal" and it showed in some great detail exactly what happened to the cats used for food in Guang Dong. Unfortunately Channel 4 didn't want to risk upsetting people and chose to screen it late at night, so not many saw the footage. I think all humans should be shown this footage, and also footage of how ALL meat gets to the table, this might lead to an improvement in the conditions of animals used for food, globally. The very least an animal used for food should have is a quick, clean and human death. I still feel the anger rise in me when I remember that footage of cats being beaten with metal tongs, dunked in scalding water (and beaten a bit more), skinned alive then torn apart and still twitching thrown into a pan of boiling oil to be cooked. Anger and despair - that's all I have for the human race sometimes, too often. Just despair.


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