Born in '59 And she's an American Classic


I heard the growl of a seriously big engine come cruising up to our farm gate. There she was. An all American Gal that would have fitted right in a Hollywood movie. Marilyn eat your heart out. This is one blonde bombshell that will outlast everyone. She came from Minnesota and she's still in her original condition right down to that huge grunty engine of hers. Nineteen feet long. Oh yeah. She belongs to my cousin Carla too cool for words. Yes hate to tell you this but I am also a secret car nut. Can't help it when my Dad fixed them up for a living. He turned smashed up wrecks into cars again and did well from it. This he would have absolutely loved. She's a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood untouched unchanged and she's just perfect. She's staying with us for four days so my camera is going to be very very busy...cool. I LOVE CLASSIC CARS OH YEAH!!!! Oh and motorbikes too.LOL!


  1. WOwser! SHe sure is a beauty. Not really to much of a car nut but I know a goodlookin' one when I see one.:)
    Glad you guys had a great Chistmas. Hope that this next year will bring many great things to come!
    Take care!

  2. Hi Salina,

    Great to hear from you. There are just some cars you can't not love.
    Merry Christmas to you Salina

  3. *drool drool* I'm speechless. I love old cars, do you ever watch overhaulin?

  4. Hey there girl yes I do watch Overhaulin' cool programme. This car though no one should touch.