Excuse me but isn't that Basement Cat rising up behind you?


  1. Just goes to show that Ceiling Cat is a front for Basement Cat. Probably the PR agent.

  2. You're so right. That could well be the Basement Cat rising up from the depths..looks like it wants to ambush one of the innocent believers in Ceiling Cat..

    So sorry to learn about your friend's passing away. You all must have a heavy heart today.. wishing you and your friend's family strength and comfort in this difficult time and happiness and peace for the holidays ahead..

  3. Creepy Cat!

    Did you see the one lately about the Attic cat filling in for ceiling cat?

    I love those cats. :-)


  4. Timespanner...Ice I'd say you could be quite right. This is a plot...

    Snowforest....Yes I am certain that is Basement Cat. This is a conspiracy to take over. Thanks for your condolences. I'm okay. The cancer she had was rare but at least she passed away peacefully. Purrs and hugs to you and the Kitties this Christmas

    Jennifer...I have found your Attic Cat...hmmm this is a ploy to con innocent believers of Celing Cat..Yes the LOL Cats are indeed addictive...