Christmas Day on the Farm

The Christmas tree had been visited by Santa afterall

I Played Santa and they didn't know I took their photo...

Inaya loves her new outfit but she says she wants to be a Wildlife Vet so this photo is a oncer

Michelle isn't so sure about becoming the next Face of Paris (LOL!)

Christmas Bells ringing Joy to the World

This reminds me of the little Drummer Boy Christmas song

A Beautiful Christmas Angel on the top of the Christmas Tree

An awesome sunset for the end of a great Christmas Day

After sorting out the Terrorist and making the desserts. I was in between my Mums and down here at my place. Plans got changed yet again which happens. So it ended up being me, Mum and the kids for Christmas dinner, and it was YUM. Nothing really fancy. We have a lovely chicken Mum had don in the slow cooker, lots of fresh vegetables and the dessert I made. Remember that Pineapple Pudding Recipe? Well I made it but...I had forgotten to get the Vanilla Instant Pudding mix so I had to use Strawberry and it was wonderful. The kids got loads from presents from my family including two lovely dresses which I had to photograph. Long day ended with a great sunset and the promise of a great day for the next. And sure enough we have brilliant blue skies this morning. I'll be doing work today. Lots to do on the farm including finishing a cafe sign off I've been doing for a friend of mine. Well... I had better go and take the Terrorist to her paddock she's complaining all ready..Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great day today. No doubt the computer will lure me back...


  1. Thanks, for sharing your Christmas. It was a long lonely day for me here but, the sun was shining and it is warmer today. Two of my three kids called me and I called my former husband and we wished each other a Merry Christmas. We were married for 31 years and have been divorced for 10 years. But we write each other emails everyday. We will always be friends. Hugs to you and yours.

  2. Hi Jennifer!!

    Merry Christmas to you too!!!! And please don't listen to that Attic cat now will you. Looks like a real Christmas Card outside of your window.

    Stay warm

    Hi Leslie,

    You are most welcome. That's waht this blog is all about. Sharing is a good thing. Wonderful your kids did give you a call that's wonderful. Divorce is a sad thing. Been there done that as well. My ex husband and I get on fine. I don't have much contact with him...not with a grumpy second wife in the back ground. The girls see him every three weeks which is good.

    Big hug to you
    Love Liz

  3. Hi Liz,

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful, as are the girls in their lovely outfits. And that sunset was the perfect end to your day. We had a beautiful sunset as well, but I was just getting home and didn't take a picture.

    My Christmas was wonderful, and the merriment continues tomorrow and even Sunday, as we're having our Christmas Buffet at church Sunday night.

    But tonight I am bushed, and ready for bed.

    Keep on enjoying the holiday weekend. I enjoy reading about the goings on on your farm. And that cat below with the blue lights shining through its eyes, is a hoot.

    Have a great day!

    Love and hugs,


  4. Your xmas day sounds like ours, relaxing and peaceful. Brilliant when you don't have to travel anywhere isn't it? your girls look very pretty in their new dreses and I can really imagine Inaya as a wildlife vet, she'd be perfect at it. Anytime you want a break from the farm feel free to come over for a coffee, we'll be away from 31st to 6th.

  5. Hi Renie,

    Hope you're having a lovely Christmas!! The farm is a little crazy right now. We've had family turn up and more coming so the chat vine has told us.LOL!! I love your stories and what goes on in your 100 acres of woods

    Merry christmas Renie
    Love Liz

    Hi Amy,

    We had a great day. Now it's crazy again family are up. But they brought a cool classic with them oh yeah.

    Take care

  6. Merry Christmas - whew I'm kind of glad it's all over - now to get back to some serious blogastination- and maybe some art -
    Your girls looked so cute in their dresses and your ornament photo's are wonderful

    - I'm still planning on a portrait of the terrorist - so far the photo of her lurking outside your window is my favorite

  7. Hi Kathleen!!

    Merry Christmas to you too. The girls were spoiled rotten by my family which was really great for them.

    So glad you're thinking about getting back into the art again. I'm sure whatever you decide to paint of the Terrorist it will look fantastic. Loved that one of Dusty that was awesome.

    Take care and great to see you back on the blogs