Well it's been a long day. My grandmother visited today so I was between media releases which is why not much has been happening on the other side of this insane blog and talking to my Grandmother who is now 92 years old. My sister Lynette(she's the eldest in my family of six kids!) came up with Gran since the drive from Auckland is nearly two hours away. Gran is a great great grandmother with many grandchildren, great grand children and yet more coming. My Mum has a photo of five generations starting with Gran and all her descendants. My Gran is awesome and I am so glad she's been able to see another Christmas.

Sad news today too. A close friend of our family passed away today from cancer. She had hoped to make it to Christmas Day but sadly that was not meant to be. Her pain is over but our sadness is great. Her husband with her built up one of the world's leading rose breeding nurseries. Their roses are exported all over the world and are in many well known gardens. That will continue with their wonderful family. My Mum naturally is devastated that she has lost a lifetime very close friend.. I have one of her special rose bushes here in my garden and I hope it will continue to produce wonderful blooms for many seasons to come.

On a brighter note the girls and I want to wish all our wonderful friends from all over the world
a very merry Christmas. Please lock up your Christmas puddings there are....greedy eyes about...


  1. Hi Liz,

    Bless your dear Gran, and how nice that she was able to visit.

    I am sorry to hear about the family friend who passed away. My condolances to her family and also to your Mum and all of you. It is always sad to lose a loved one, but at Christmas it makes it even sadder.

    A Joyous and Merry Christmas to you and yours, Liz!

    Love and Christmas blessings,


  2. Happy Christmas to you too Liz. I'm glad your gran was able to visit as its always good to see family and even more so at Christmas, its what makes it special for me. Sorry to hear about the friend though, I think more should be done to combat cancer as it ruins so many lives and seems to be running rife. Bob.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. At least she will have a legacy of her passion (the roses) to continue on and delight gardeners around the globe.


  4. So sorry about your loss, cancer is an awful thing. Merry Christmas to you and yours :-)

  5. Hi Renie,

    Gran is lovely. Thank you for your caring. It's sad but the best thing that could have happened. and I have a lovely rose bush to remember her by.

    A joyous and merry Christmas to you to Renie.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Hi Bob. Hey you have a photo of you with the dogs. Great shot. I'm glad Gran was able to come up too. She's getting more frail now and we have to really appreciate having her. Cancer is a terrible thing. So much research and so many breakthroughs this though was rare and incurable. Sad. And you're right I have lost a few close friends to cancer.

    Merry Christmas Bob

    Hi Jennifer

    A sad end but as you said I have that wonderful rose bush to remember her by.

    Merry Christmas Jennifer

    Hi amy

    thanks for your caring. Big hug and Christmas greeting to you and your awesome family

    Love Liz