Cool Holiday Reading on the Blogosphere

Off and on while the kids haven't been looking and I haven't had to do work - well it was pouring with rain and we did seriously need it. My tank is a little fuller tonight which is great. If you're utterly and totally bored and need some blogs to read I've compiled a little list below for you to check out. They are seriously worth going over to visit.

  1. Photo-Africa Blog - Seriously awesome wildlife imagery. All done by top level professional photographers. Everything from Vultures right through to close ups of huge bull elephants and the stunning African landscapes to top it all off. Keep you occupied for days. Awesome
  2. Paris Daily Photo - A blog of note some months back. Images of Paris taken each and every day. Other cities around the world as well you can check out through the Daily Photo Blogs
  3. On the Wine Trail in Italy - another noted blog A must for the wine lover and if you love Italian things anyway this is definitely one to check out.
  4. Cabbage Tree Farm - I really enjoy Bridget's blog. She's a wonderful cook and a great gardener as well. Bridget and her family own a ten acre small farm and are making a great go at being self sufficient. Great recipes, great food and great posts. Gotta read it.
  5. Dry Well - this is a great blog. Muzzy and her family are starting out with their own piece of land in Western Australia. Chickens, Sheep, vegetables. They're a real true blue Aussie mob. If you're interested in small farming check this blog out and even if you aren't read it anyway. It's loads of fun.
  6. Cake Wrecks - when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. It's on the header. Believe me you should see the last post they did. Oh man the cake is well...take a look
And if you haven't discovered this website.............

Well that's only part of the long list I've got here in my evil little black EHD...Hmmm. Should keep everyone busy at least for a few days if things are really boring. Otherwise seriously have a great Christmas. Me I'll be trudging up a hill tommorrow morning with the Terrorist. The kids were kidnapped by Grandma. good now I can get up to no good like...sleeping in!!!


  1. Liz- Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas filled with joy, love, peace and hope!

    Joy to the world-the Saviour is born! Peace on earth!

    Much love,

    PS-Warm wishes to the terrorist too!

  2. I have just finished reading all of the sites you have on your blog this morning !! They are great and each is so different.

    Here's hoping you Christmas will be Wonderful and Happy. Hugs to all.

  3. Hi Leslie,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. And yes you are so right. Joy to the world. The Terrorist says Hi Leslie. she's curled up sound asleep with her blue cover on.

    Lots of Love

    And my other friend Leslie!!!

    How are you!!! Great you liked my picks for holiday reading.

    Merry Christmas and big hugs to you too

    Hi Weaver,

    You have a wonderful Christmas too and not to much Christmas pudding!! LOL.

    Take care Weaver