A Picture that really did say a few words with great meaning

While sorting out through my pile of bits and pieces in the art box I came across a small clipping I had snipped out of a magazine in 1999. The picture "Storm Warning" by New Zealand artist Colin McCahon. The value then of the painting stood at NZ$1.5 million. The contraversy surrounding its sale by Victoria University was second to none. The painting was considered to be a public artwork and of significance in the art world. The painting was subsequently sold to private collectors and eventually was diplayed in the new Adam Art Gallery at the university. This is still my favourite New Zealand painting of all time and by a man of immense talent to go with the words written on the image.


  1. Yep great painting and words. It is definitely a national treasure for the people of New Zealand.

    Leo and Fairy would like to send you their many thanks for the happy purrthday wishes. They are a little bit perturbed now that you have mentioned the sneaky attack by one of the minions. No wonder Leo was meowing a little while back. Something is not right and the Basement Cat has struck again. Maybe we need to put a picture of Ceiling Cat on the 'ceiling' to scare away the minions...hmmm..

    The baby mountain gorilla looks fabulous. Great work as always!

    I'm sad Hoi Hoi had to go across the rainbow bridge. I would have missed him too. Turkeys are interesting animals I think.

    Mr Screech looks great in that work by Inaya. Glad you saved it. It is a nice picture.

    I know of some cats who are very fond of clothes and strollers. One of them is the very pretty Daisy the Curly Cat (daisythecurlycat.blogspot.com) - her blog is one of the best cat blogs ever!

    Purrs and hugs to you all at the farm from me and the kitties :)

  2. A favourite painting - well we all have one don't we? As I type this I am trying to think which is my favourite madbush and I find that it changes from day to day; in our National Gallery there are two paintings by Seurat -pointilliste - of opposite sides of the Seine (the posh side and the oiks side) if ever I am in London I nip into the gallery to see them.

  3. Hey there Snow Forest.!!!! I love that painting too. Sad it's in private hands

    Leo and Fairy are most welcome. I think Leo should remember to maek sure the plug is kept in or that Minion of Basement Cat shall return. Did you say celing cat on the celing??? Oh no...hmmmm we'll have to see about that. My sister has a Ceiling Cat maybe she might tell her celing cat to..keep the minions away.

    I really do miss Hoi Hoi. He was neat and we all loved him. Maggie missed him too.

    Inaya says thank you!!!! Mr Screech in on her wall now. Cool.

    The Baby Gorilla took a while to do and he did turn out brilliantly. There is more on the image but not finished. I'll have to finish it now. Leo has a nose by the way and his whisker spots are starting to appear. Hopefully I'll finish him in a few days time.

    I think I opened a can of worms with the Pet Product post. I live on a farm and forget sometimes maybe people like to to do that because their pets are their life. I'll have to read Curly Cat thanks for the link!!!

    Lots of Purrs and hugs to you and the kittes too from all of us here on the farm


    BTW Those Minions of Basement Cat are Always near.....

  4. Hello Weaver Seurat I also happen to love and admire. I love art and love to appreciate all styles and kinds of work. I love Dali especially he was awesome. Storm Warning is a fabulous incredible piece of post-modernist art that sadly is in private hands. At least the owners allowed it to be displayed again. I have to catch up with everyones blogs!!!

  5. I remember seeing that painting in the news a while ago saying that it had been sold. one of my fave artists is Colin Buchanan.

  6. I'll have to check him out then. It was shame the painting ended up in private hands. Colin didn't really want that. But it happened.