Hey! Want a Lettuce?

Every now and then a lovely lady named Barbara turns up in Maungaturoto with lots of lovely fresh vegetables and farm eggs. When she does come everyone is soon there to nab them. Here's some photos of some of the really great people who are in the community.


  1. hah! I know all the people in those photos!

  2. My elder sis loves lettuce. When I was a kid she used to plant them in our backyard and forcefeed them to me - they are nutritious I guess.

    Leo turned out great. Absolutely stunning. I really really like it :) Loved the way how you blurred the edges into the background. He looks very lifelike and regal. Why did you color the whiskers all black though - I was under the impression that young lions had white whiskers and they turned black as the animal aged..dunno I might have been wrong though..

    The dingy looks pretty - as does the building of the Sahara Restaurant.

    Hope you are all doing great at the farm. I am enjoying researching and writing about prehistoric cats - paleontology is such an interesting field..never knew! Who knows what one might find in the depths of earth...maybe one of the minions.. ;)

  3. Hi Snow Forest!!!! Yes you are quite right. Young lions do have white whiskers. Trouble was the paper wouldn't take the white!!! That's why he's not perfect. More study required. Oh the joys of art mutter...

    Lettuce is yum. Glad you liked Leo though. Made my day.
    Paleontology...hmmm you never know there could be a minion just waiting to pounce.........
    The farm usual is as crazy as ever - I need a new vocation!!

  4. Hi Liz, I like a nice lettuce sandwich for my lunch , especially if the lettuce is fresh and home grown.

  5. Hi Bob- You too?? So do I Snow forest doesn't like it much. think his sis did some damage there!!!

  6. Was that this morning? If so, darn I missed her.
    What are the big yellow things on the left...? Melons?

  7. No you didn't miss her. I took those photos last summer. I think they are melons in the photo Barbara still does the veges but I haven't seen her out and about much of late. I think she had to go to hospital for a while.

  8. Hi Jennifer you are so right!!!! Nothing like fresh veges out of the garden for dinner!!!