Art Stuff - The Wierd & Wonderful

One thing I love about Australia is their wonderful wildlife. While one particular marsupial (the Brush tailed possum pop. 71 million) over here is causing major destruction on my bush and everywhere else in New Zealand - all the others I just think are wonderful. This is a Tree Kangaroo I can't remember which sub species it was that I was drawing. Wonderful creatures and fun to draw. Next time I go over sometime in the next decade before my brother and sister in Gosford start growling again, I'll have to go and see a live one for sure.


  1. Wow what a pretty animal! Great drawing as always. Kangaroos are amazing animals aren't they..
    I've set Leo as my desktop..he looks fabulous!

  2. Oh wow you've just blown me away!!! That's awesome!!!! I love Tree Kangaroos wonderful creatures.

  3. What a great drawing, Liz! The only marsupial we have here is the oppossum, or possum. They are a slow animal, not considered pretty, or anything, but I like them. I have one that comes to visit every night, and I give him a hot dog for a snack.

    I love to see your drawings!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Renie!!! Thanks for the compliment. No we have our marsupial friend the possums here but they aren't welcome. Suck a pest. I like American Opossums they are very cool.

    Best Wishes to you too Renie Take care