Art Stuff - Dingy at Whakapirau

I love Whakapirau it's such a great place just to go and relax for an afternoon and forget all your troubles for a while. I have to keep reminding myself of just how lucky we are to have it at all. A privilege for sure. I did this little dingy one afternoon last year. Sorry about the scribbled notes all over it. It was a fun afternoon for sure.


  1. i'm being nosey by asking this but what do the notes say?

  2. Not much really. I think I had put..hang on consult the *notes* Fine day. Michelle had a great time on the rope swing down at the end of Whakapirau. Met a lady with an old dog named Pete. took loads of photos/ Saw a juvenile pied cormorant sitting on the mudflats and had a really good time.
    No you're not being nosey we had fun!!!LOL