And that possum just keeps on hangin' around

They'll make a movie out of this one day - Yeah Right!
This reminds me of some wierd cartoon type of war. Possum vs Human vanquishers. So far Possum 200 Humans a big fat ZERO. Maybe life is trying to tell me something here. Love your fellow creatures goes the catch phrase. Well yes I truly do. Possums fascinate me how the way they are so beautifully adapted for arboreal life. Just one problem, with arboreal skill comes the destruction of rare native species and plant life, in a land this Australian visitor shouldn't even be upon. The reason why that is - a really DUMB! idea by a bunch of settlers, that said marsupial would make a great fur coat. Yeah - one made up of 71 million strong blanketing our entire country. Rotten Marsupial Sods vs Humans was continues. It's back in my art studio out of reach. Putting a shotgun blast hole through the roof would be a very bad idea somehow. We don't need anymore ventilation that what we already have thank you very much. So in the meantime the war continues. I'll keep you posted on the scores. Maybe they could make a movie out of it one day...yeah...right

Meantime winter is fast approaching I suppose. The flies are become less in number now the summer heat has died down a bit. We're still getting temperatures in the mid 20's range. The soil is still dry despite the bit of rain we've had. Meantime we're missing The Terrorist who has vanished without a trace. Been searching for her but so far nothing. Bit of a bummer if she's gone for good. We're missing her and so is River and the old man. That's life for you out in the rural areas. She got out through the back fence and could be anywhere. I have an entire massive dairy farm next door to go roaming across in the search to find her. We'll keep looking.

So....Possums 200............Hoomans ..oh I give up! Rotten old possum.


  1. The Terrorist is missing? :-( Hope she turns up. J

  2. Well the good next is the very next day after I wrote this post my Mum came down and said she had seen her..went up Terrorist.Then I looked again and there she was waiting for me to take her home.LOL tell ya!


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