Watch out Kiwi Duck Hunters ....Daffy has a gun!

You're figuring this little duck is in a hunting mood?

Opening morning here for the start of the New Zealand Duck Shooting Season. I heard a couple of shots this morning - but the weather well is less than friendly to the hunters today. My big dam down the back of the farm will be filling up with ducks over the next few weeks...

And the Mad Bomber Duck will be setting those charges.....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love the drawings, spot on ;)

  3. Cool Liz, I can't wait to see the ducks next time I come over, how you handling the rain?

  4. Hey Liz
    there's a joke going round here at the mo...
    "Been trying to get through to the National Health Service Hotline about Swine Flu but all I'm getting is crackling!"
    Boom Boom.
    Sorry was thinking about Crispy Duck.
    :) x

  5. LOL how funny! These are my favorite posts! LOL so did I see a deleted comment...another troll? You must have a troll magnet taped to your forehead! LOL I love you anyway! Hey us cow walkers have to stick together!


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