This was worth waking up for

I took this two mornings ago or maybe three - pass there. I woke up looked out and saw this view of the crescent moon and Venus? in the background. Probably go the wrong planet. Ian Musgrove over at Astroblog will soon put me right on the astronomy side of things. I'm having a little grief with the paper I edit right now. I can't find it on my system. It's supposed to be printed today - now I'm going to get sort it out. I think it's my computer doing a dirty on me and hiding it somewhere from my grubby maulers. If not it's a complete redo...growl

I feel like this little guy did at the Paparoa show - plum tuckered out and in need of a nice long snooze...Hope everyone is well and happy. Back to the grind...mutter


  1. Love the photo, Liz, it's lovely :)
    Yep, I could curl up like that wee bovine and have another kip lol.
    Good luck with the newspaper!

  2. I'm sure it's Venus. How beautiful. Sounds like you have very clear skies where you live. Not too much light pollution?
    Wasn't sure what you meant about a paper edit. Are you an editor for a newspaper?

  3. Thats a beautiful sky! I loved your post about declawing! I have DSL finally! Your page loaded right up and look! I'm leaving a comment! I'll answer my comments on my blog today! WOO HOO world look out!

  4. oooh very nice! Have you checked out my photoblog yet?

  5. Beautiful sky! (I don't know which planet it is - ours are all different here on Camelopardalis!!!)

    Hope you found your paper!

  6. Hi Liz
    Didn't see the crescent moon but can't miss Venus (and I think it was Mars to the right).
    Hope you managed to get the MM out OK!
    Nice to meet you the other day.

  7. Hi Guys

    Jayne - I feel asleep after I had shoved up a Fed Farmer's media release. The paper was found fixed and printed...peace at last thank goodness.LOL Yeah that photo wasn't bad a bit grainy though.

    Sonia - we have brilliantly clear skies. No street lights for miles. Yes I'm the editor of our local town newspaper - not paid but it's opened up a whole new field for me. I've just been invited as well to write for an internet news site as well which will be interesting.

    Rae - She has technology tamed.LOL! I loved that sky awesome. On the declawing..yes I decided to write something about it. Terrible practice. I'll be visiting later today on your blog and on Sonia's. So many blogs and so so great to read.

    Amy - yes I have looked at your photo blog. I have to add it to my blog list as well.Looks great.Love it.

    Raph - My favourite Giraffe has come to visit. I think Sonia and the others are right it probably is Venus. I found the newspaper template and it's all finished and printed. And I was had it. Be over to visit you in your necky part of the world. Don't get caught in any tall trees on your travels will you.

    Bridget - Yes I did get the MM done and Tina had the printer running like clockwork. I think the crew at Playcentre will be putting it together today. And it was great to meet you too!!! I'll be over to read your posts as well.

    Take care everyone and thanks for all your great comments. Hugs and love


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