Trip to the Big Smoke - Part 6

Moving just past Queen's Wharf the city skyline dominates the waterfront. It could be anywhere in the world and yet each city has it's own identity. Auckland has the Skytower and the Vero Insurance Building to dominated the city skyscape. The Vero Insurance Building is the tallest one in the centre of the photo. Auckland is undergoing yet more changes as more buildings are being constructed and older landmarks restored and in some cases demolished. During the 1980's many valuable heritage buildings met a sad end with the wreckers ball to be replaced by ugly glass towers inhabited by power dressers with brick mobile phones. I would walk past an empty lot where once a grand old building had once stood and wonder why it had been allowed to happen. Years down the track some of those decisions made by councils past are no longer being made. Now our buildings are being protected. A good thing glass towers have no soul.

Pulling away from the port area a yacht passed over the the Ocean Eagle's wake its owners no doubt enjoying an afternoon's summer sail. In the background on the right is the cruise ship Millenium, centre behind the yacht is Queens Wharf and the Sky Tower over to the far left. Auckland is known as the City of Sails and for a good reason. Go down to the waterfront on a warm day and you'll see the harbour full of sailing boats catching the breeze. My ex-husband and I used to go to Mission Bay just a little further over and sail a 15 foot catamaran each weekend. I do miss it - it was a great boat and fast. Part 7 shortly........

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