In between the Big Smoke Posts I killed my mouse...

I killed my mouse early this morning with a cup of cheap coffee. The mouse...died and I had no way of using my computer!!!! Der brain here should know better than to have cheap coffee at 4 am in the morning and in the dark to boot. I like my cheap coffee keeps the brain cells going in the am when a deadline is supposed to be met and the brain refuses to think of anything beyond the word "the" Writing an article about the with the who went to the the doesn't sound very appealing to me. Now I have a new mouse of whom I shall treat with great kindness and not attempt to kill with cheap coffee anytime in the next twenty four hours normal posting can resume. I'll get back to it now and avoid the coffee for a while as in two minutes that is.......


  1. Could've been worse Liz, at least you didn't ruin a perfectly good digital camera by dropping it in a hot latte at xmas time...yeah me I did that *sigh*

  2. Hi Liz!

    Long time no see! Sorry, have undergone a traumatic event, and been off line for some time.

    I did the same thing one time with my desktop. Placed a cup of coffee on my desk next to it, which, of course, toppled over right onto the keyboard! These days, I use a laptop, and don't dare to put coffee anywhere near it!

    Good to see you again!