Foiling a Fowls' Foul plans

How does the Poltree now destroy hooman's garden?

Maggie is not talking to me any more. She has decided she wants to pack up her little brood of hoarded eggs and head off to Kentucky USA to live in Rachel's hen house with Pepper and the gang. The Mad Bush Farm is no longer good enough the reason? The hooman foiled her fowl plans to scratch up all those nice new plants that had been put into the ground behind the Mad Bush Farm house. And a mean hooman at that.
Try getting through that Maggie!

The mean hooman put up an electric fence around the little garden she had created to make sure Maggie May did not dig up all the seedlings and the new plants with it. Maggie May though was VERY determined to get her chicken way and eat and destroy every little plant her beady chicken eyes could see. White tape stuff though she soon found out bites. Two lots of shocks fixed Maggie May good and proper. She will not be visiting that part of the garden anytime soon. By the way I found the cat litter makes a really good soil conditioner for horrible clay soil. What a difference to mine after I pitchforked it in and added some blood and bone. The plants have really thrived and for once I feel like I have actually achieved something. We're going to fence in the chickens later on but for now they are fenced out of my little garden. Good. Rachel might be expecting a little black feathery visitor sneaking off a plane and hitching a ride on a flatbed truck all the way to Kentucky.LOL!


  1. Tell Maggie her airfare is in the mail! She'll have tons of Cow poo to scratch through and Pepper needs a buddy! She'll be in poultry heaven! ;-) you mean Hooman! How dare you shock the little queen? ;-) LOL...if only! I'd rather be closer than thousands of miles to come visit your mad-critters...and mad-hoomans!

  2. Ha ha you are seriously cracking me up.LOL!!! I am such a mean hooman. Maggie is NOT talking to me her feathers are all ruffled and she's now trying to come through the open door.LOL. I think we should make our governments give us free plane rides so we can visit each other!!! Mad critters and mad hoomans are soo much fun.

  3. Well I'm glad she's leaving your plants alone, does that include my flaxes :-)

  4. Just visited your blog, and have always wanted to visit New Zealand.
    My husband and I were in Fiji in 2007 and met some wonderful couples from NZ.

  5. Amy flaxes are off Maggies preference list. No she likes little seedlings and my vege plants growl snarl mutter little toad that chicken is...LOL!!!

    Gusty Writer - Hi there thanks for your comment. I'll have to come over and visit you!!! Glad you met such nice people while you were over in Fiji. Take care and really great to meet you.



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