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I love horses more so when I can just relax for a few minutes and draw just a little more. I sketched this really cool quarter horse a few nights back. Many years ago I went to some courses run by Monty Roberts. He's an amazing guy and so quiet about how he goes about things. the best book I ever read was written by him. Monty Roberts The Man who talks to Horses is worth while sitting down and reading from cover to cover. I loved his story of his earlier life when he and his brother headed out to Nevada to watch the mustangs and learn about their behaviour and from that Monty developed his technique of Join up. I've used that with old Ed. When I got him he was less than trusting but after a few sessions he was coming up to me and I didn't have a roundpen either. It comes down to patience and not showing any fear - animals sense your fear and react to it. All our animals here on the farm are handled quietly and calmly and I find it works. The Terrorist got herself tangled up the other day and was panicking. She called out for help with her little moo. I went out there talked to her quietly then untangled her leg without any problems even Micah our bull is quiet but I'm always between him and the fence bulls can't ever be trusted no matter how quiet they appear to be. I enjoyed doing this drawing and hopefully after I get the paper I edit finished I can find a little time to do another drawning.


  1. Liz, that is a beautiful drawing and story. Thanks , for sharing.

  2. Well you already know what I think about this drawing....LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE it!
    Monty Roberts is coming close to Ky in April or May, Leah and I are going to try to go, its about 3 hours away but its a weekend clinic with several others there, and shows and such. I'm hoping that I can get there! I have wanted to read that book myself...I'm gonna have to get it. I wonder if Barns and Noble carry it, I've been wanting to go and see what horse books I can get. Norm has always told me that quiet is better and I see that with our own animals, many farmers wack at their cows and they are unruly to say the least, we very rarely have any troubles. I have learned that quiet with the horses makes them respond so much faster and readily than even normal talking! The old cowboys mumbled to theirs and I've taken that approach and I'm even wining over Georgia who hated me!

  3. Hey can I commission you to do me a drawing or painting of Oliver? I'll pay you!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to have something personal to hang on my wall! What do you think?

  4. Drawing is the skill I envy most - I am hopeless. Your drawing of the horse is very beautiful.

  5. Wow that's amazing Liz - you're so clever :-)
    I better not show it to my daughter...

  6. Hi guys!!!

    Leslie - thanks for that. Glad you liked that story. You'd love the book to. Wonderful! Hugs to you too

    Hey there Rae - OH COOL!!! go there!!! Monty is so awesome. He's done so many clinics but you can't get enough of him. Fantastic guy. His book is in Paperback which is good. He wrote another one too. Cows appreciate quiet. Sometimes I have had give Micah a whack but it's rare. So glad Georgia is liking you. Old cowboys are great teachers. Time and patience works wonders. And on Oliver well you got my answer there by email.LOL!!!Of course I would and what's this about charging my friend for a drawing??NOT!!!LOL

    Love hugs and more hugs

    Hello Weaver - I've seen your poetry!!! Read it loved it. I wish I could writie poetry like you so we're even on that one I think. I will be over to visit you sorry I haven't been over for such a long time. Now things here have settled I will be.
    Take care Pat - Liz

    Amy just steal the image and print that gorgeious daughter of yours a copy.LOL!

  7. Hi again Liz
    See its not JUST Tamoa and the Waitakeres that we have in common.

    I have four horses over here in Western Australia and have had great respect for Monty's teachings - I think I have all his books now (I get them off Amazon usually) along with many other publications from "Natural" horsemen and women. We have also studied Parelli but are not purists (don't tell the Parelli mob that) and I use a lot of the join up principles in my play with my steeds. we do long distance horse trekking over here - we also have kangaroos that frequent our property and monty's methods (body language stuff) has worked well in gaining their trust - works with the chooks when building new ones confidence around us as well.

    And as for your drawing ... awesome ... Monty also has a good book on how his methods relate to human interaction and personal development - I use horses in my counselling practice with humans over here and it is a very powerful experiential method - I integrate a lot of monty's teaching into my sessions.

    Oh now you've done it! youve got me talking horses - you will never get rid of me off this website now!!

    What an art with the pencil you have!

  8. You are very skilled at drawing and writing. I Googled your town after you kindly offered me a bed, and I was surprised to see how the population is around 840. I saw photos online of a carnival and men in kilts. Very beautiful. I envy you living in a quiet town. Is life stressful or simply peaceful?

  9. Hi Karen,

    I used to have three horses but last winter we had to send one of them to a sanctuary. He's doing just fine. I love Monty Robert's ways but the Parelli I avoid. Not so keen on their methods at all. I agree horses are a fatal addiction. The two I do have here I love and enjoy. I love what you said about the integration of Monty's methods with human interactions. So so true

    Great to hear from you again
    Take care

  10. Gutsy Writer - Hi Sonya I'm so pleased you checked out our little town. I live about two miles away from Maungaturoto. I love it here and wouldn't change it for the world. Interesting question you posed. Most of the time our lives here are very relaxed. The stress comes when there are worries concerning a lack of feed for the animals in winter or it's become too dry and the water supply is starting to run a little low - I consider those a challenge more than a worry. Thanks for your compliments and encouragement!!!

    Take care Liz


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