Mad Mower Mayhem

A normal sane person would use a properly manufactured recognised brand- labelled mechanised device (also referred to as a Lawnmower) to keep their lawns nicely manicured. But that is the sane world outside of this farm. Within this little inner world of strange ideas, cattle who think they're human and chickens that insist on using the clean laundry as a roosting spot (until a broom appears that is) said mechanical device does not exist. Why? Ah - it blew up after being shoved over one too many cattle ruts and a few digger tracks to go. Let's just say the poor old mower went off to the great lawn in the sky (it went to the tip). I would Love a new mower but right now the finances aren't allowing that longed for little luxury so I had to turn to living ones with four legs instead.

Environmentally friendly for sure. They mow and fertilise at the same time. Wonderful for keeping the long grass down and making the farm look a little tidier than the view of gigantic Californian Thistles I had to herbicide last week. BUT like all those employed to mow the 'lawn' there is the slight issue of job satisfaction....which means once the grass had been trampled beneath several pairs of hooves,fertilised for a couple of hours and chewed just ever so slightly the meal offered was no longer acceptable. One bull and one old 28year old First cross Quarter horse made the break and jumped the electric wire. My mother found a horse looking through her window and a bull standing on her driveway...I was paid a visit........


  1. Oh my, you life is eventful. LOL The bull did not look happy at all, I guess he wanted a home cooked meal.
    I hope you mum is feeling better soon. I will pray for all of you and you mum.
    Love and Hugs~~~~~~Leslie

  2. LOL
    Those fussy diners can become quite a handful at times!

  3. The best type of lawn mowers in my opinion. :-)


  4. I love the photos of the animals-what a wonderful looking kitty! And the terrorist...what can you say, she's cute no matter her name.

    Sorry to hear about your Mom, praying for comfort and healing, peace and love. I'm sure this is hard for both of you. I lost my Mom to cancer and miss her so much.

    I have been so busy myself and haven't been able to keep up with the blog lately. We adopted 2 puppies last Sunday from South Carolina (15 min. before they were going to be euthanized) so my world has turned upside down since then. I am going to try and take some photos of them this weekend and do a post.
    Sorry to hear about the darn wasp sting-that sucks and I know how painful that is. I got stung 2 summers ago by 1 and it hurt like crazy! Didn't get the swelling that you did though.
    Good to hear from you...hang in there. Much love to you and the girls,


  5. LOL I see while I have been gone that things have not changed...still mad! ha ha! I think cows make a great lawn mower and sure are cheaper! I hate hearing about your what a doosy! I'm still waiting for you to tire of my girl terrorist and for you to send her over! hmmmm dont I wish! Still searching for jerseys luck, I never dreamed it would be that one wants them around!

  6. Hi Guys

    Leslie - nothing is ever dull here.LOL! Mum is doing better. Hugs & Love to you too

    Hi Jayne - a handful and a pain in the never mind.LOL!

    Jennifer I agree but I have to clean up after them!!!

    Hi Leslie,
    Saquatch is growing really fast and so is little Yowie. Love the news about the puppies how gorgeous. I am still worried about Mum we have to wait for six weeks for the next lot of cell markers to be done and go from there. That sting really caused me grief but I'm better now and have a working hand back. Hope everything is well with you and your family. Hugs & love to you too from me and the girls.

    Take care everyone
    Love & Hugs

  7. Hey there Rae!!! Maggie is packing up her eggs and sneaking on a plane to KY to live with ya.LOL!!! The Terrorist is still small and funny and now she is weaned finally. We have to tie her up at the moment because she is too little to go in with the bigger cows and Micah keeps wanting to jump her. Not good. Love your little Torro and I can't wait to see Georgia's new foal when it comes.

    Love and hugs

  8. Hey what did I miss? Whats going on about your mom? I didn't see anything when i read through..unless I missed it, which I wouldnt be surprised about since I'm such an egg head! LOL Do tell

  9. Rae I've sent you an email to fill you in with everything.


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