What Miss Greedy Wants - Miss Greedy gets!

She is greedy very greedy. Likes her bottle does little Miss Lily. A couple of days ago she was weaned. Not impressed at all. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago. It was her bottle time then so she was trying to look extra cute. Now there is no bottle so now it's I want my feed bucket now! Moo every afternoon. She's leaving us soon to go to a new home where she will be very much loved. I guess she will have a calf in a couple of years time. My girls have to be BVD tested before I put them calf. River has had one calf and he was healthy. The Terrorist has yet to be put in calf I've held off for a while because she wasn't big enough to have mated to the bull. She's grown quite a bit in the last few months so now I may consider bringing in the bull once I've had the girls tested. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We sure did.!


  1. she is very cute all the best to her for her future
    will be sad to see her go??


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