The Red Devon from Hell one story I haven't told you guys about

This is the story of one Red Devon cow with the name of Ruth – but I renamed her the Tart. This cow was shock proof, fence proof and everything else proof. The Tart had brains. That’s bad in a cow that means only one thing on a farm – trouble and lots of it

This bovine had brains and the trouble making nature that usually results in the hacked off owner sending the thing off on the truck to the works. Not this one – too good for that.

Started off as a yearling the old break out through the back fence trick and end up in the neighbours forestry block for three months. Took five motorbikes and the boys next door to get her out.

Then there was the electric fence immunity. Same old story. Move the cattle – and the Tart would head straight out and under into the garden. We had her for a couple of years. She had a nice calf then my mother decided it was time the Tart and her sister had to be sold. Oh yeah she was trouble all right. Got the Tart yarded….and things went downhill rapidly from there. She must have known she was headed off for other pastures.

There was me and the kids about to head on back down home now the cattle were yarded when we heard a loud cracking sound. Sure enough the Tart had smashed her fat red head through the railings and was in the process of attempting to do the jail break. No way was I going to let that happen. So there we were- me with a cattle stick and the kids with hunks of rubber pipe running around the outside of the yards trying to stop this nutcase red cow from getting out. Every gap possible the Tart tried to break through including a five wire fence. Talk about nuts! Finally the truck turned up and the guy wasn’t too keen to take on a hacked off bovine nutcase with escape on her mind. Yeah I got the job and booted the Tart all the way up the loading ramp and into the truck.

And like those rotten sheep we got rid of – I won’t ever miss her. Take a lesson from me. If you end up with a nutcase cow with brains – eat it.


  1. Hehe funny story! I like your recommendation, if it is a nutcase, eat it. :-)



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