Life? Don't talk to me about...Life it's madness as usual!

I know now my New Year's Resolution I will not of course keep is my weakness for chocolate. I cannot resist its evil hold on me! I had a binge of chocolate dreams in my little black book of thoughts....oh dear I have been indeed naughty. Well not really I was having some fun so that means I have already deliberately not kept my resolution about not being creative any more. Not so sure about this since I nicked the pictures out of an old Womans Weekly Magazine...well I wanted those shoes! and that icecream with the chocolate sauce I just couldn't..resist. Death by Chocolate? Hmmm. And guess who decided to pay me a visit the other day...

Yes Oscar the Grouch decided to come inside to catch insects. He does that from time to time. Well I was out with my Mum when Oscar had flown thrown one of the windows. I came home laden with junk and there he is sitting on the computer keyboard. Then he spotted a big fat spider and ended up on the window sill. He's not nesting this year - So I won't need a motorcycle helmet this time or a suit of armour. Lucky for him Emerald was not in the house otherwise this little grouchy Kingfisher would have been lunch. Strangely enough Sasquatch was sleeping on the sofa but I think maybe Oscar had a big bad attitude and had scared his evilness off.

Well it wasn't safe inside for this grouchy little bird so I caught him..yet again and sent him on his way...yes well he was back the next day. Little sod but I like him anyway..and then there is his evilness....
Apart from biting me every other day Sasquatch has now taken up a new hobby. Tail Biting - his own. Suddenly poor little tail has become the latest victim in a long long of victims of the evil Sasquatch. And there he is above..BITING HIS OWN TAIL? And then there was the other matter.
Sasquatch and Dream highjacked my classic album collection. Just because I was clearing out the cupboards and sorting my junk out (I have loads of junk mutter) these two decided it was time to sit on the Eagles and Ultravox so I could not swipe off with them. And when I did go to get them....
I get the attitude from his evilness?.....he wakes up extends paws....and .....
I am shown the sharp teeth...with the added clawz of...Dis iz mine stoopid hooman!
Oh I give up.....


  1. Simply wonderful photos of birds and the collage as well. All the best to you, Liz, for a fabulous new year!

  2. Happy new year Liz
    wot an evil kittee

  3. Hello there Hugs!

    Patricia I think that chocolate is a very norty thing to think about. And I have broken all my resolutions which I never intended to keep. Hugs!! Happy New Year!

    Twisted Sister - happy New Year!
    Very Evil Kittee. he go this morning too.LOL But well I kind of asked for it. I tickled his tummy.

    Love and hugs to both of you two wonderful people


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