Okay want to see some photos of the Kids Aussie trip?

The girls have at last returned home and had a fantastic time over in Gosford North of Sydney. While they were there they visited the Australian Reptile Park, Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney and also had the chance to view a spectacular fire works display over the Sydney Harbour. Inaya took all of the photos so I hope you enjoy them


  1. Happy New Year to you and your girls, Liz. Thanks for sharing the travel pics. Does it seem strange to have kangaroos in zoos? In my wild imagination they are all over the place in Australia!

  2. Happy New Year Liz. The pictures are great, Inaya has a good eye. I like the clouded leopard, nice. Been trying to phone you, will keep on trying. Hugs & kiss to the girls.

  3. cool photos Liz, no doubt the girls had a blast, happy new year btw :-)


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