This blog needs a broad spectrum drench

I had an email recently that asked me for a description of what my blog was about. Normally one would say "Farming" that's if it was a blog written by someone who doesn't call their farm Mad Bush Farm. For years I've read different things about "Lifestyle Blocks" and all the do's and don'ts. You can read all the books you want on farming, but what it comes down to is learning by experience and talking to those who are farmers. for some strange reason there seems to be a snob value attributed to owing a small farm. The truth is most people are ordinary folk without a great deal of income and they love the life. About the best publication in New Zealand for people on small farms is Rural Living. It's down to earth, practical and it covers an entire range of categories. Best of all we get it free every month in our rural delivery box. Angelique Jurd the editor, is a great writer as well as holding together one great publication. She's out and about along with a great team of rural journalists getting to know people around Northland and the Auckland Region. A couple of my stories have been published in Rural Living as well as a couple of cartoons. Heck it's fun making fun of rural lifestyle. I think the best depictions of all have been from Murray Ball author and creator of Footrot Flats. Murray retired the Dog and Wal a few years ago but everyone still loves the cartoons.

What is my blog about? Everything it seems. I write on all kinds of subjects and issues and occasionally I might actually mention what is going on here at the farm? I haven't been blogging much for a while. Bogged down with other things going on I haven't had the brain to tackle anymore blog posts. It's been lately what the heck do I write about? Writer's block is not a healthy thing to have - artistic blog more so. The problem with me is I'm a very eclectic person by nature. My family had such a broad range of interest in subject matter that everything has my interest. That's a problem at times. Should I focus on farming, or the animals or agricultural issues? Well I thought about this for a while and decided to heck with it. I'll just keep on writing on whatever takes my interest. I'm an editor for goodness sake (although recently I was accused of being a journalist working for a trashy newspaper by an idiotic fan of Craig Busch) so I'll write whatever comes into my mind.

Lately I've been working on a new cartoon series- the inspiration was my friend Sam moving back to Botswana - and not too far away is of course the Okavango Delta. So I started my own Safari tour company - in cartoon land that is. It's kept me occupied and I've been having fun doing it. I love to make fun too of myself complete with the electric fence shocked hairdo the leaking gumboots and the bad attitude gleam makes enough to scare anyone off. Anyway I'm working on the next character for the Safari series I won't be giving anything away of course. And as the title says this blog needs a broad spectrum drench....of more madness that is.


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