If looks could kill...

Well the above could prove that theory. Emerald decided today what was on the bench looked far more appealing than what was in her cat bowl. Unfortunately for Emerald she was sprung before she could help herself to our food. Told off she slinked away then onto our old chest freezer and gave me a look that could have killed - in theory anyway. It was the dirtiest look I have ever seen a cat make. Hah hah caught on camera too. I am not popular with Emerald she isn't talking to me.
And neither was River it seemed. She was far too busy enjoying all the new spring grass I had let her and the others onto today. By tomorrow not much will be left so I'll have to move them on again. It's rubbish grass really. Kikuyu to be exact and I hate the stuff. Low on calcium and for lactating cows it isn't really ideal. Mine seem to be okay at this stage but I'm monitering them all the same.
This is Ocean Inaya's pet cow that will never leave here - not unless things change here and I doubt that will be for a very very long time. I'm not running off screaming into the hills just yet.
The Terrorist is growing but she is still one of the smallest Jerseys I have ever seen. She's 15 months old but isn't much bigger than an 8 month old Fresian calf. That's small. Despite it all she's getting along just fine and still sounds like a calf with a distinctive MEEEEEEEE - no moo to heard anywhere. We were planning on sending her down to friends of ours but Mum suggested we send Stream instead which I think is a better option. The Terrorist is the cause of this entire blog. If I hadn't got her then Mad Bush Farm Blog would not exist. Softies!

No need to explain what the old man is doing. He is in grass heaven and enjoying every blade of it. I've had him five years and I was told he might last 18 months. Nope Edward is fit, healthy and showing no signs of his grand old age of 29 years old. Not bad for a horse that was certified as being no good for anything. He has missed Sasha though - but the cows have made up for that. He's quite happy now he's back in with them.

Ocean's calf is growing well and "she" is in fact a bull. We though originally it was a heifer but that was from a distance. Nope it was a bull. We've ended up with three bull calves - the vet is coming on Monday to turn two of them into steers. River's calf is being sent on to friends to be used as a bull. Lucky little boy he is. They'll have headaches though all three are getting dehorned as well - plus finally so are the rest. The older animals have to be done with the use of anesthetic. Messy dehorning cows - but Stream keeps using her horns to break the fence wire. So that is it. All of them are getting dehorned. Poor cows. Scroll down a bit I've written more at the end of this. Some photos in between of the three calves and the cows there.

And last but not all the least..MAGGIE IS IN A VERY BAD MOOD!!!!! Look out she is hoarding her eggs again and you will be in serious trouble if you annoy the Ruler of the Farm. All things get picked and fumed at - so WATCH OUT!
I'm....going off to hide from Maggie now I can here her grumpy clucking from here.


  1. oh boy, maggie's attitude again eh? As for grumpy catz - we haz dem...

  2. Hi Liz,

    I love all the photos today. Your commentary is, as usual, so delightful. I feel as if I can feel the warm spring air! Thanks for the lift.

  3. everything outside looks nice and peaceful. And spring-ish. Here we are getting ready for Halloween with cold autumn chill and smattering of snow.

  4. All that fresh lush green looks inviting. The animals look very content and happy. Happy spring to you down there!



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