Goodbye to Sonny and other strange (MAD) stories

After a lot of hard work and many many night's thinking I had to make a decision about what to do with little Sonny. We already had an overload of animals here on the farm. Standing at a total of over 20 enough was enough. The three weeks I had spent working with this little dog had made a very very big difference. I mentioned to the vets that Sonny needed a new home but not just any home. He had to have a fenced area, lots of love and the company of another dog to play with.....
/> Yes I felt really bad about giving this little puppy up. He was at last a happy, contented little dog with a tail that finally wagged and a big improvement in his attitude. BUT with so many animals and my media work committments getting the better of me I decided that it was far better for Sonny to go to someone who really could put in the time to bring the pup to his full brilliant and wonderful self. Thanks to Catherine at the vet centre here in Maungaturoto we found the best possible home a little Chihuahua could ever have..

A lovely lady I know quite well named Marie offered Sonny a fantastic home. He now lives with four other little Chihuahuas and is really really having a fantastic time. Marie just loves him so much and so does her husband, He has turned out to be a fantastic little dog and has fitted into their home and the Chihuahua gang just fine. Saquatch I think is missing his little playmate but well I think he has been far too busy these last couple of weeks doing all kinds of wierd and wonderful things including following Inaya and Michelle into the Bush and well ending up looking like he had either had a really bad hair day or maybe he was into those mud therapy treatments. I've heard from the TV programmes mud is very very good for hoomans but I don't know about white kittens fur
As you can see Sasquatch was a star candidate for the NOT WHAT TO WEAR TV series. Bad fur coats just don't get the photo shoot guys fired up not one bit. And No Inaya is not trying to strangle Sasquatch she was trying to stop him from climbing all over the sofa with all that mud on him. If everyone has been wondering just what the heck I have been up to it's like this. Deadlines, more deadlines,dead tired and a lousy Kidney infection that took its time to go away. On top of that winter has now come so now it's back to fixing broken fences, feeding out and hoping like hell my house doesn't slip away because we have a huge council stormwater drain 50 feet from our house. 2 years ago we ended up losing just over 30 ft of bank in one nights worth of heavy rain. Piles of tractor, truck and car tyres later the slip is mostly stablilised - no thanks to the local council and their damned drain. Moving on here now I've grouched about drains. Strange things have been occuring around the Mad Bush Farm. The first very wierd thing was with Feather our golden laced Wyandotte Hen. She ended up with a really bad version of a Japanese Goth chicken. All her neck and brest feathers fell out and now well anyone would think she was into a complete new look. The next even wierder and stranger thing has been to do with a certain species of marsupial known as the Australian Brustailed Possum aka Rotten Marsupial Sod. Rotten Maruspial sod this time was a little guy (and is still alive I might add *mutter*) that has taken up residence in one of our cabbage trees right by the house. Normally Emerald hunts and kills these nasty smelly little pests. Not this one. It's so tame I ...well yanked it by the tail one night to see if I could pull it down then bop it on the head...Yes claw power won over skinny arm power...drat! Did it do anything? No it just sat there clung to the tree and gave me that innocent look *who me?* Yes I know I'm a rotten marsupial sod that destroys everything I can get my teeth onto plan to remove me from this tree will always fail for we are 71 million strong so shove off stupid hooman idiot with the skinny arms and by the way that fag in your mouth does nothing for your fashion sense..darling** Worse than that there is a budding odd friendship now developed between Sasquatch and the RMS (Rotten Marsupial Sod). Sasquatch licks the possum and the possum tries to groom him. Bizarre but true I will try to get a photo of it but as for RMS his days as resident here on the Mad Bush Farm are numbered. The gun will be coming out thanks to Uncle Len. Then no more RMS living in my cabbage tree. Well I have a load more to blog about but I'll finish this post and then start figuring out the next one. And guys I'll catch up with you all now things have settled and back to normal. Because as usual I have been subjected to...MADNESS!


  1. YOu worked very hard with Sonny Liz, he went ahead in leaps and bounds while he was with you. He's way better off now.

  2. Whoa. Seems like you indeed have been having quite a hectic time at the farm Liz. Sad that you had to give up little Sonny. But it's very nice of you to help him fund such a loving home where he will get lots of attention, care and grooming. It was a very selfless act of you to help him out like that.

    Read about that sad news about the death of that keeper and the tiger at Zion. So sad. And very shocking to learn about the declawing of big cats and the implied acts of cruelty by Craig Busch. Thanks for your efforts in exposing them.

    Hope all is well at the farm. Lots of hugs for everybody. Take care and have a great week :)

  3. Wow, Sonny and his Wawa crew! I know that you had grown attached to him but it does sound as though he is living the life now.
    Thanks for the update on you impossibly hectic life. It makes me understand that living in the country is only for the super human!

  4. Sonny has benefitted so much from his time with you, Liz, it was lovely to read about him. Please send him my regards in his new home!

    I'm catching up on blogging - it's been very busy here with the lovely weather. I tried to comment before, but the comment boxes had vanished! Still can't see any photos on the post, there are just little boxes with a x in.

  5. Hi Guys

    Amy thanks to that playtime with Tia that made all the difference. Yes he is in a better place and happy!LOL

    Omer - Yes things have been the craziest ever. So much going on. Sonny is better off and being looked after so well with little goggies to play with. Sasquatch his his possum friend at the moment to play with. Hmmm he could be a minion in disguise. I'll have to be careful very careful..

    The death of Dalu did not need to happen that is what is so upsetting.Abu should have been locked up but he wasn't and both lost their lives because of it. So so sad. On the declawings yes I have a serious issue with that. Those poor animals have been condemned to a life of agony and for no good reason but for human convenience it is wrong. I couldn't allow that MAF Report to be swept under the carpet by Mr Busch or by MAF. Both have a lot to answer for. I've been reading your latest post. Very disturbing news from your side as well and thanks for putting the links to both of my posts.

    Love Purrs & hugs from me and the kitties (and a secret one from goggie) Liz

    Patricia - Waa Waa Crew oh that is cute. I really did love Sonny but out of fairness to him I felt it was better to find him a home where he would get the best possible life and he now has that. Yes my life is..Madness? Maybe that's why I called this farm the Mad Bush farm because it is mad most of the time.LOL
    Love to you

    Raph..on the pictures. Yes blogger has been unkind to me and will not let me upload anything. I had to use picassa instead and now it looks like even that isn't working. I'll catch up on your blog posts as well. Way behind so I'll be doing loads of reading.

    Take care

  6. Sonny is one lucky young pup to have had you to straighten him out and now to have a family of dogs to romp and play with!
    Hope you're feeling better after your infection, they can be painful.

  7. I had to give my dog to a friend when she was little as she bit my son twice, close to the eye. I think you did Sonny a favor. Hope everything calms down for you. Tons of animals to think about, and kids too.

  8. LOL busy mad times again! I'm glad Sonny got such a good home!!!Its so good to catch up...I've been off the know my deal..wrong meds have wacked me out physically, hope that problem is over! Glad things are still just as crazy there as here! I hate going it all alone in farm madness!

  9. I think it's mud therapy...good for the fur.
    Glad Sonny found a good home. Not all animals and people match well. And sometimes it's so hard to tell.

  10. Jayne - Sonny is a different dog. Marie tells me he has settled in so well and she doesn't know how they every did without him. He's socalising and doing everything a little goggie is meant to do. Infection has finally gone I'll have to see my Urologist again I think...mutter

    Raph - Sonny I'm sure appreciates what you've said and so will Marie.He's very very happy which is what I wanted to see. Hard work paid off and I was able to rehome him without worrying if he was going to bite or hurt someone. Different pup for sure. Like you I'm way behind in everyones post so I'll be reading and posting over this weekend.

    Sonia - It's so hard giving up animals but in this case it was the right decision.Kids,cows,cats,chickens,horses and it goes on..full on but worth every moment.

    Tina - Mud Fur coat definitely will not feature in any fashion magazine. Sasquatch was filthy.LOL
    Sonny is far better off and we sent him on trial for a week to see if he would fit in. Marie has decided to take him permanantly and that has made my year.

    Love and hugs to everyone


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