Stick Insects and a very appropriate punishment for wayward young snails

Lazy Sunday Afternoon..nice for some

I am totalled. I've spent the entire weekend gardening and looking for a missing cat. Emerald has been missing now for five days. We can't find her and Inaya is heart broken. We've rung the SPCA and notified the vets but so far nobody has seen her. Tomorrow will be another day but it's strange not having Emerald around anymore. We miss her despite having three other cats here to fill the void.

Yesterday despite the gloom over the missing cat Inaya found a Stick Insect
Crazy looking critters Stick Insects. We have green and brown ones all around the garden and farm. A quick search on the net and I found entire websites dedicated to keeping Stick Insects as pets. Well I suppose that's different. I like them but for a pet? Nah. No I have this for a pet...
A pot-bellied Terrorist with an obsession for chicken feathers and old ice cream containers. She drank all the chickens water out of it as well and ate their bread. 8 months old and getting rather large I might add and those horns are sharp and badly in need of being taken off by the vet. Hopefully we can get that done sooner rather than later.And last but not least this naughty snail..
Serves him right for all those lettuces he ate during the night without asking first....


  1. Boy, those Stick critters are everywhere I guess, we have them here. Come on, I am not wanting one for a pet !
    I hope you find Emerald well and happy.
    I don't much care for snails either.
    Get some rest.
    Love and Hugs~~~~~Leslie

  2. I actually like stick insects and other creatures like praying mantis, I look on them as being friendly for the garden. Is Emerald the white one? I pray you find her...

  3. Hope Emerald turns up safe and sound soon!
    Stick Insects are fab, apparently, or so my 12 yr old says ;)

  4. Liz,
    I think that we call stick insects, walking sticks...and that silly snail just doesn't feel a thing thanks to his super glue!

    My heart aches for you and your family on the missing Emerald. Keep us all posted and we will keep her in our thoughts.

  5. Hi Liz. I am so sorry to learn about Emerald. I know how you all must be very worried right now. Disappearance of a pet is always traumatic and I hope you find your sweet kitty very soon. I remember losing a cat once and finding it later. Hope puretty Emerald comes back home soon, safe and sound.

    The cute calf is growing older too, and bigger! Watch out for those horns.

    Take care and all the best to everybody at the farm :)

  6. Also very sorry to learn about Long Tail. I didn't know about that. I'll look it up. Again take care and hope puretty Emerald comes back soon!

  7. I hope Emerald turns up safe and sound, Liz.

    I have heard of people keeping stick insects for pets, but it's usually in areas where they aren't found wild, so they are a curiosity.

    Have you ever had snails going across your windows? The first time I heard it I wondered what an earth it was - sounded really weird!

  8. I hope you find Emerald soon. Maybe she went on an adventure and show up on your doorstep soon.

    The terrorist is looking well-fed. We have some heifers and steers about her age in needing of a de-horning too.


  9. Hi Guys

    Thanks for all your caring about Emerald. Good news she has turned up. Blogger is not being kind to me on the comments so I'll put up a post instead and reply to each one. Hopefully this comment will appear and not get wiped out.



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