Oh Noes! The Mean Hooman took Sasquatch to the vets

Dream Cat says Don't worry Sasquatch the mean Hooman will get a taste of my deadly claws...

Yesterday Morning the mean Hooman put poor little innocent Celing Cat Follower Sasquatch into a cage. Then the mean hooman took him for a ride in a noisy moving box with wheels and an engine to the vets. Sasquatch got fixed..now the mean Hooman is in very BIG trouble with Sasquatch. His friends will make that mean hooman pay for this......


  1. Better watch you ankles, Hooman !!! Lol

  2. Oh Noes! Not da ankles..ouch ouchy ouch......LOL!

  3. Yes, angree kittehs nom nom hoomans wen kitteh-napped by vet hooman. All hoomans will payz for dayz!



    ps. Cute picture- seeing Dream mothering Sasquatch.

  4. Oh Noes Nom Noms on hoomans. I had better runz srsly.LOL! Dayz an dayz oh noes.
    Guess what Dream did Jennifer she bit poor Sasquatch just after I took that photo...Basement Cat minions..you just can't trust these days......

  5. Oh noes..this is a treachery beyond words on parts of the hooman..may the wrath of Ceiling Cat befall all wrong doers lol :) Yep cute picture!

  6. Sooo unfair these celing cat followers are against us mean hoomans.Srsly the mean hooman will ahve to summon up the Basement Cats Minions......LOL

    Hi Omer!

    Purrs and hugs from us all here at the farm including the Mean hooman.LOL

  7. In another week he will have forgotten all about it you mean hooman. You are only doing it for his own good, tell him (if he asks)


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