Six days later....

Emerald is home safe and sound. She turned up yesterday looking a little worse for wear and very very hungry. I think she must have ended up stuck in a tree. Emerald likes to hunt possums and will climb trees just to get them. Thank you everyone for your caring and love. Emerald sends everyone purrs and hugs.


  1. Thank goodness!
    So glad to hear she made it home in one piece, hope she stays close to home in future!

  2. Hurray!

    Silly cat, aren't possums bigger than her?


  3. Emerald is beautiful. What a coat. Reminds me of when our dog, Cookie chased racoons in the jungle of Belize and we thought she's been killed by them. She came out fill of mosquito welts.

  4. Wow. I'm soooooo glad Emerald was found safe and sound. You know I believe good things happen to good people so I was sure this story will have a happy ending for you guys.

    It's great that Emerald is safe and sound. There is no joy that can replace the return of a loved one so I'm sure you'll all be full of joy right now. Many purrs and hugs to you all and to Emerald especially. Hope she eats up now and recovers her lost weight.

    All the best :)

  5. That's great, I thought she'd been exploring. Any word on the dog yet?

  6. Hi Guys hopefully blogger won't delete this reply

    Jayne - Thanks heaps. I hope she stays close too so I'm not out in the middle of the night looking for her!LOL

    Jennifer - Not bigger than Emerald they're not. She's a really big cat and those possums don't stand a chance with this mean kitty. How's the sheep going?

    Sonia - Emerald says thank you so do I. Gosh I'm glad Cookie wasn't done in the Belize jungle. But the mosquitos would be really itchy. Ouch!

    Omer - I am so so relieved to have Emerald back. Thanks for caring so much. It just wasn't the same without Emerald around and Inaya was so upset. Emerald is her best Cat Friend and mine too. Three cats just don't seem to be the same as four. I'm really enjoying them all. Lot and lots and lots of purrs, hugs and love to you too. Hope everything for you is going well.

    Amy - Dog? At this stage I think it's going to end up NOT happening. I'm just cruising along and if it happens fine if it doesn't fine. Emerald has stayed in the house all day and slept. she's got some weight to make up but I think she'll be fine in a week or two.

  7. I am so glad Emerald came home safe and sound, give her a hug for me !
    Good things do happen to good people and I think all of you are the Best !
    Love and Hugs~~~Leslie

  8. Wow, it sounds as if Emerald has just tested out the theory of 9 lives. I hope that she stays closer to home in the future.
    No matter how many animals we have it is impossible to loose a single one.

  9. Seeing your cats makes me want to ask my Landlords, "now you're sure I can't get a cat?"

  10. Gosh has it been a couple of days already?

    Leslie thanks for that. The same goes to you. A wonderful person with a heart of gold. May lots of good things happen to you too. Emerald says hello and sends purrs and hugs

    Patricia - I think we areof the same mind there. Six days is six lives - but from the way Emerald is eating I'd say she'll get those missing lives back very quickly. She's on my couch at the moment sound asleep. I have too many animals I think but you're right it is hard to lose just one.

    Red Clover - I think your Landlord should relent and let you have your kitty. You'd be a great owner for a kitty needing a home. Work on them..

  11. Oh I've missed so much! I'm so happy Emerald made it home..I know the girls must have worried themselves sick! IT was good to catch up on you after a few days MIA....


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