The Great Plastic Bag War in my kitchen

Having four cats instead of two means trouble happens from time to time. Usually it's the older cats Dream and Emerald sticking a claw or two into the much younger and smaller Sasquatch and Yowie. Yesterday morning there came the day of the great plastic bag war.

The kids had gone off to school and four cats were there eating their breakfast and doing the usual growling at each other over whom would get the biggest share of the stupid hooman's offerings to the great Celing Cat in the Ceiling. Tensions however soon boiled over. Dream decided it was time to take the side of Basement Cat and with that thinking in mind pounced on the Celing Cat follower now making a run for it. The only refuge - a plastic shopping bag the stupid hooman had carelessly left behind during the cleanup. Celing Cat follower Sasquatch made for the plastic bag. Trapped inside all Saquatch could do was hide from the deadly Cat-Foo strike of the Dream Cat. The Dream Cat in the end got bored and wandered off...
Later that same morning a truce was at last called. Basement Cat lost the new Dream Cat convert back to Celing Cat and peace at last reigned in the house of the Mad Bush Farm


  1. Liz, there is never a dull moment at your house is there ?
    I love to hear about your life with the girls and animals. Hugs~~~~Leslie

  2. Aren't cat's funny where they choose to sleep? you know what I do with plastic bags? Use them to empty the full litter waste into before popping them in a rubbish bag.

  3. The more I know about felines, the more I am captivated. They are the best.

  4. Hi Guys

    Leslie - well no there isn't except on perhaps Sunday's when for some reason the cats decide it must be the day of required rest as described in the LOL Cats Bible. I love hearing about what you do too.
    Love and hugs back. Liz

    Flor - Hi Flor. He is a cutie and picture perfect everytime poor kittie being picked on like that

    Amy - Cats and plastic bags seem to be an item. That one was meant to be used for the rubbish but I missed it then by the time I noticed Sasquatch was inside it hiding from the Dream Cat and her Cat-Foo strike.LOL!

    Red Clover - Oh you are a Kitteh person for sure. One day you'll ahve your kitteh to cuddle and maybe have a story or two to tell in the doing. Lovely to hear from you. Hugs to you. Liz

  5. Oh what a war it must've been. I shudder to think of the consequences for the hooman and Ceiling Cat followers had it gone out of hand...

    Hope all is well Liz! The new kitties are very pretty and must be bundles of joy and energy. It must be a little tough though, now looking after four cats! I've done that for a while and know it's tough work. With all the other animals at the farm it must be quite hectic.

    Hope all is well with your Mom and things are improving with her health. Sending her purrayers.

    The sleeping kitty sketch is very cute and well done too. Hope you and kids are getting some rest and sleep too with the busy lifestyle. Take care you all and many hugs and purrayers!

  6. Hi Omer

    Breakfast time is the maddest time here. Cats everywhere.LOL. The Basement Cat minions have a lot to answer for. All four cats will now have to pray to the great Celing cat to keep the Basement Cat minions away....

    Better news on my Mum the problem is coming from her B cells so that is a better sign. Tired but happy.Great news as far as I'm concerned it means we can move on from there...Hope your father is better as well and you're okay

    Yowie and Sasquatch I think are really bringing some fun to the farm. Maggie the Chicken keeps trying to pick them but they're too fast for her. The kids think it's hilarious. The cows like to lick the kitties fur I'll have to get a photo of it and post it. Cute.I'm going to be doing a few more cat drawings for practice. Cats are hard to draw sometimes. I really liked how that one I did of Yowie sleeping turned out.

    Purrs Love and hugs from me and everyone here to you

  7. LOL I too see the wars every day..Bo and his sister are often entertaining.....that cat in the bag (cat in the hat?) LOL picture is just too adorable for words, i cant imagine that beauitiful white kitty would cause any madness! LOL (yeah right!)
    I read your comment about your mom, was gonna email you this week and ask about her! Thank God! I'm happy for you guys!
    Love yoU!

  8. Hey there Rae. It is good news for Mum as good as it can be. She still has to be careful and they'll keep a close eye on things but at least it's not what we were dreading to hear...thank goodness. It was such a big worry.

    Yes I have plastic bag cats,piano cats,couch cats,bench cats and table cats. Now and then I also get a Freezer cat as well...oh fun oh fun. Sasquatch is BIG trouble.LOL!

    Lots of love and hugs

  9. The dreaded plastic bag warfare often breaks out in my kitchen (or wherever they happen upon a stray plastic bag weapon). Many ankles have been nibbled and clawed in the crossfire but the hoomans continue on for another day ;)

  10. A cat I had growing up loved to lick plastic bags.

    Great Pictures!


  11. Jayne - I think this plastic bag thing is an obsession.LOL. Cats love them. Sasquatch has one at the moment while I'm typing this. Ugley Bag must die.LOL!

    Jennifer - aren't they funny. Cats just make me laugh. The kittens are so playful then they get bigger and are even worse!LOL


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