A Week of it............

Yet again Maggie May decided to hoard her eggs and pick anyone attempting to help themselves. Sat stubbornly there in the middle of my (rather overgrown) so-called lawn there she sat grumping and fluffed out denying all comers. We wanted those eggs for an omlet but Maggie wasn't about to let the human nuisances help themselves to her little pile. So we waited...bided our time until the frumpy little hen had decided to go off briefly and have a pick at the food we had put out..while her feathery back was turned the kids and I stole those eggs and left behind a tennis ball. She sat on it for three days then finally decided a tennis ball wasn't the most comfortable kind of egg to sit upon Maggie gave it up. She's back to normal now - well as normal as anything living here on this mad farm can get.
Sasquatch had decided to visit the stream and get a new look for his fur aka Mad Bush Wet-look. Not sure if the Kitty fashion magazines would consider the old eighties style of fur-do as an in look right now. He'll have to do better if he wants to make the big time. A towel soon took care of the new look. He didn't mind he'll try again next fashion season perhaps
Yowie was being more diligent about her future plans. Instead she had chosen to do an indepth study of native New Zealand insects. That way she can choose which one she'll have for dinner tomorrow night - with or without cheese on top. Dragonfly was the main course for lunch yesterday. Hitting the books though obviously got on top of her so she had to take a cat nap between chapters.
In the meantime Oscar the Grouch has been following me all around the farm. He's stopped being so grumpy - but everywhere I go he goes. Obviously the truce hasn't yet been quite accepted. He's now a self appointed superviser as if I need anymore?
River is wondering why everyone is giving her so much attention. Fat,very very pregnant and she's starting to gradually slow down. The kids have been worried about her but River knows when the time will be right to have her calf. I don't ever worry - the old saying goes a watched cow (or mare) never calves (or foals) not in our time anyway. She's just fine and doing everything a cow near calving does. One morning I'll get up go and out and check the stock and River will have a baby with her. Then I'll get the camera out and take a photo.
And the old man just thinks the whole thing is nuts........


  1. Great pictures and I really enjoyed your blog this cold morning. All of your animals are just beautiful. I love all creatures, except snakes.
    Love and Hugs~~~~~Leslie

  2. Thanks for the tennis ball/egg swap tip. I might need that info when we get our own little flock...
    I think the wet look might come back, for kittehs at least. :-)

    The "princess" says hello to the Terrorist. I suppose I should name the princess one of these days...


  3. Love the look of concentration and malevolence on the face of your hen! The farmer here does not like chicks - such a nuisance he says and mostly cockerels! So I love it when one of my hens disappears and comes back a few weeks later with a ready-made brood. (yes - mostly cockerels)

  4. Aren't animals funny with all their unique peculiarities? Fresh eggs...mmm yum how was that omelet?

  5. Hi guys

    Leslie your weather will warm up very soon - ours is going the other way..growl. I hate winter. I like snakes would you believe but ..yes I understand where you're coming from there. Love and hugs to you too

    Jennifer - Maggie was not happy about a tennis ball in her nest. You can get plastic eggs but since we didn't have one a tennis ball was the next best option. Kitteh wet look I can haz?LOL! The Terrorist is getting more and more of a terrorist each day. I think her US cousin the Princess will soon learn the ways of the Cow-foo...

    Weaver you picked it too. That look got me. Little chicks are cute but their mothers are soo grumpy! Cockerels are banned from my farm....

    Amy yes I did get that omlet. YUM. No Maggie has a bad habit of going broody every month as in PMT lol!

  6. It must be telepathy. I was just going to pay a visit and you beat me to it. What time is it right now, if you get this right now. It's 8:30 P.m. California time on Monday night. Poor thing, sitting on a tennis ball for 3 days. Maybe I'll come stick a basketball under your mattress. Just kidding!

  7. Sonia LOL! A baseball bat I have had in my bed. I forgot it was there one night and slept with it against my back - painful. Maggie likes to try to hatch her eggs that of course will never hatch. It's 4.57pm on Tuesday now but when you posted your comment it was 4.30pm. Dinner time soon for us here - after we've done the gardens that is.

  8. I'm so fascinated by the time difference. Glad I caught you before dinner. Anyway, that baseball bat must have hurt. How could you fall asleep without noticing it?

  9. I think I was so tired that night I failed to notice anything but that nice comfortable bed. How dumb is that sleeping on a baseball bat..so I suppose Maggie got her revenge a few years earlier instead of later. Aren't time zones wierd things? I have to adjust for Rachel in Kentucky as well I think Ky is different again from California.


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