Signs of life

Ten days ago I planted some seeds into my restored vegetable garden. Beans and peas have now appeared starting their journey of growth until they fruit then eventually wither and die. Much like journey of a person. We are born, we grow, we age, then eventually we die. A fact for all living things. Our pets don't live so long and we grieve their passing. I've considered a lot of things lately mainly because I've had to and in other things not so much. I thought about where to from here? What have I done with my life? All those same old questions we all tend to ask ourselves from time to time. No I was wasting my time sitting there asking myself those silly questions. Instead I sat down and drew from my own imagination the growth of a seed. Just three small sketches on the same sheet of paper and while I drew I reflected back on the growth in my own life - all through changes many changes.

Learn wisdom from the ways of a seedling. A seedling which is never hardened off through stressful situations will never become a strong productive plant. - Steven Sigmund

The quote above by Steven Sigmund holds undeniable truth. If life was easy would we truly be the people we are now? The answer to that question is for me - No. I wouldn't be the person I am now without experiences some would cringe away from or find it hard to understand just how I came through it all. Somehow in a crisis we find our own inner strengths even though at the time we don't feel strong. We learn from that crisis and move on - wiser for it for when the next crisis decides to happen along. In 2004 I stuck my neck on the chopping block taking a risk on a bare piece of rural land nobody at the time wanted. I came here fell in love with the bush, the stream and the peace and bought it. People thought I was crazy. A divorced single mother with an Autistic 5 year old and a bubbly happy 7 year old leaving everything behind, moving to a nothing on the map area and on top building a brand new home. Had to be crazy right? No I'm still here and this is all mine. I did it on my own. I took the leap of faith. Five years on I have a Mad Bush Farm, a great family, wonderful friends (including my blogger friends). I haven't fallen over. I've grown. Love my life. One day at a time is all I take because that's the best way to be. And what started all of this?
This old dead looking Cabbage Tree. Half of its truck has rotted and fallen away - look up though and far far above are the bright green leaves growing above the tree canopy getting the light they need. And at the base of this very old tree is the start of a new shoot. Even old trees it seems can have signs of new life after all.


  1. It's so inspiring to read how you stuck your neck out Liz! Your story is the essence of what I believe in doing too. You have to be strong to follow your own dream, especially when those who may be close to you think you're crazy! That can often be the hardest bit, and make you question yourself. But, oh, how it is worth pushing on through!

  2. Hi Raph. Sticking our necks out is a good thing to do. Somwtimes I wonder where and how I got the strength to do what I've done with my life. My closest friend though Lisa was a great encouragement and so was my Mum. Just love your giraffes!

  3. Love it when the seemingly dead foliage proves there's sap running through the stems still :)


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