The Mad Bush Guide to REALLY impractical Farming

Just when you thought I would give this little venture sad little mind made me pick up my pencil and create a new species of cow for the new generation of up and coming REALLY Impractical Farmer. The Springing Cow will cause you all kinds of problems. You'll have to garage them during winter otherwise their springs will start to corrode. It might be a good idea to glue them down to the concrete, shove them on a fence post for safe keeping or you can use them as kiddy rides at the next local market. Avoid this breed during thunder storms - you could be struck by a freak bolt of lightning. Great as a new found resource for recycling your used engine oil. She'll give you fresh bucket load of recycled oil each morning and you can toss it into your very impractical one wheeled tractor give her a couple of pints of the old stuff each morning after breakfast. Mad Bush Labs of course won't ever guarantee their Impractical Genetic Products. The Scientists there are completely mad. Beware of living imitations they could be having a calf which of course is only for the traditional Practical Farmer. Back to my hole now....


  1. Great cow picture.
    You are so talented and creative !
    A lady after my own heart. I have a good imagination but, can not put it on paper.
    Love and Hugs~~~~Leslie

  2. OMG! I am laughing so hard right now! brilliant liz! Once again your mad-imagination and witty words have done it again! I induct you into the Hall of Mad Fame!!!! Mad talent I tell ya! Mad talent!

  3. Hello you two.LOL!

    Leslie - glad I made you smile.
    Hugs to you too

    Rae - Oh I am sooooooo honoured.LOL. Just my sad little mind at it again.
    Big hugs and love to you too


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