Art Stuff - Sleeping Kitten

I couldn't resist grabbing a pencil and sketching Yowie while she was sound asleep and not causing typical kitten trouble. Yes I should be sitting at the computer but it's too hot and too nicer day to be stuck in a chair all day. I'll be good later and get things finalised ready for the printer. I've got something else to blog about but for now I'll leave it until a little later. The only clue I'll give is it has to do with springs apart from that I'll go back to my box now and stay there.


  1. That's gorgeous, Liz!
    You have my permission to wander away from the computer ;)

  2. awww such a cute picture, hmm what springs apart? give us a clue...

  3. Really cute! They grow up so fast though. Enjoy the sunshine while you can ;-)

  4. What a lovely drawing, Liz! You've really captured that cute sleeping kitten look.

  5. Awwwwww great art! Funny how they are so peaceful when they are sleeping and little deamons when they are awake! Bo seems to get into trouble everyday..he is really into knocking off glasses with our drinks in them.....grrrr little devil!

  6. Hi guys

    Thanks for all your great comments!

    Take care


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