What I found when I was clearing up some more art stuff

Interesting what you find when you start clearing out old stuff. I found the two drawings of the horses and the Hereford Cow I had done in 2003 at the Helensville show in an old folder still as good as new. The little pig below I drew from one of my photos a couple of days ago just for some drawing practice. He''s a little scribbly but little piglets tend to be scribbly.LOL!

So far it's been an interesting day. Group therapy with the cats is getting there. Emerald and Dream have now decided they will come inside and sort of tolerate their new family members. Growling is still on the things to do list but things are improving. More to blog but yet again I have visitors coming. Be back a little later with the rest of the day's updates and what happened when we did finally do a proper meet the new kitties introduction with Dream and Emerald and of course some more photos. Will catch up with everyone's blogs too and thanks everyone for your great comments. have a great day today

Liz and the crew


  1. I'm sorry but I had to laugh when you mentioned group therapy with the cats, I'm glad I"m not the only one conducting animal psychology classes lol you know what we've gone through with Tia but it's definitely all worth it. I love the picture of the cow - wow!

  2. Just goes to show, I was right all those many years ago when I said -- I love your art.

    I am very, very proud of you, and proud that you're my friend, Storm.

  3. Amy -Of course one has to *laugh* sniff.LOL!!!!!!! Glad you liked the cow. I like it too

  4. Timespanner - I've got YOU to thank for ever taking it up again Ice

    Love you heaps and thanks for the encouragement