The same old afternoon routine (and morning!)

Living on a farm means certain chores have to be done on a daily basis. Stock water for one and in summer there's the twice a day trudge up the hill to the top of the farm and fill up the troughs. We don't have a water system in yet so yours truly has to fill the trough up for the cows and check Sasha's big water buckets then top them up.

The routine it seems is well known by our six chickens who think there's something to gain from following me down the driveway. They get to the bridge get nothing of course (you can't eat buckets!) then head back up to our house wierd but true.

Dream always comes for a walk. Some take dogs I take...a cat?
Getting up the hill River (who is still mummy's baby - she was my first calf I raised) was right there expecting her piece of bread and of course her cuddle, I have to watch those horns of hers sharp!

Sasha is looking heaps healthier and happier since we moved her. She's put on heaps of weight and is finally starting to look like her old self again.

I had friends visit yesterday which was nice. It may be a trudge up that hill but I really enjoy the walk - so does Dream.LOL!


  1. Hey girl...Yes Sasha does look good! Of course shedding that winter coat helped but you can tell she looks healthier!
    You've had some gr8 photos posted the last few posts! LOVE the kitties, great shots of them! And you KNOW I LOVE THE HORSE AND COW drawing...I think they are wonderful! I'm so envious I cant draw like that!!!!! But if I dont ever work on it I'll never get any good...life is just too busy right now!
    As you know...your post said it all! farm life! LOL Our calves should be coming in a couple weeks...I CANT WAIT! I'm also doing my next post about King...I've had a breakthrough!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud...I'll tell ya more in my post!
    love ya and the girls and all the critters..give them all a hug and kiss for me...yes even the chickens! LOL

  2. BTW...did you feel the earthquake ???
    a 6.7 centered at KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND????

  3. My grandfather had a farm when I was growing up, I remember all the dogs following us where ever we went. We use to go and "ride" the cows! It was so funny. Some of the best times of my life were spent on that farm. My grandparents still live there, but alas, there are no animals left.

    It sounds like you had another busy day! Your pictures are just beautiful and make me envious that you live in the great out doors! I live in the city with all the city noise, I miss the country!


  4. Liz-Must be a lot of hard work. You need to get a really long water hose-put a bunch together so you don't have to tote the water.

    Come and visit me, I'm giving you an award.

    Love you,

  5. As always, I love your pictures, your animals are beautiful. I have always wanted a cow, they have such lovely eyes.

    Have you ever know a family with the last name Burward-Hoy ? When my second son was born the lady in my room had a daughter the same day I had my son. Her name was Virginia and husband was Kenneth, the played with the Henry Manchini orchestra. ( misspelled) I think.
    The were from New Zealand. Hugs ~~~

  6. Hi! Farming always sounds such an idyllic life, doesn't it? I suppose it is really, even with all the hard work. Your animals all look so loved!

  7. Hi Rae!!! Kitties love you too.LOL! gotta hear about you and king sound really neat. Yah farm life trudge trudge and fun!!!
    Love to you and all the family

    Liz And thanks for the EQ info no we didn't thank goodness!!!

    Hi Jen!!! I know what you mean. We moved to the suburbs when I was nine from the country and I hated it. Didn't mind so much as a teenager but I love it here. Glad you've enjoyed seeing the animals. We love them all even if some can get out and eat the garden once in a while... You must have lots of fun when you were little on you Grandads Farm.

    Big hug

    Hi Leslie. Thank you!!! I saw your post but the comments wouldn't come up so I will try again.

    Big hug and love

    Hi Leslie in Arkansas. Hope you are warmer today after being so so cold. Cows are neat and so intelligent though sometimes they can be annoying...

    On the other one no to that one. NZ has around 4.5 million people in it and it's quite big when you start travelling around not like the US of course but big enough.LOL!

    Big hug and love

    Weaver - Hi Weaver Farming does but as you and I both know it's also hard work. You're right on the animals they are loved sometimes too much. River the Jersey thinks she is a person and bellows if she isn't given attention. All spoilt rotten!!!LOL

  8. Hi Liz, Is the cat in the picture the one you trod on a while back? You know there are lots of people here who would think that cows a bull just cos its got horns!! Do you ever de-horn your cattle? Bob.

  9. Hi Bob, Yes that is the very same cat I stood on and got clawed by. I've had people ask me if the cows are bulls all because of the horns. Normally I do dehorn. The calf we have should have been done a few months back unfortunately the guy who does it was tied up doing several thousand others so the vet will now have to dehorn her and the others. Great to hear from you

    Take care