I'd rather have that Chicken for dinner! And a big thank you to Leslie from Flowers of Life and to Rae for the awards

Why is it that sometimes dearly loved and very very spoiled little calves referred to as the Terrorist decide the nice feed she was given just wasn't cutting it two nights ago. No she wanted the chicken for dinner. Chicken feathers for dessert after the nice bottle would just finish her dinner off nicely. No the chicken dinner was just a little too quick for the Terrorist to catch. And in the end the chickens got the Terrorist's feed as well.

On another note - I'm in the middle of deadlines at the moment for our community newspaper so it's back to editor mode for me. so no I haven't gone off whistling somewhere into the sunset. I'll be over to say Hi to everyone in the next day or so. So for now HI GUYS!!!

Leslie and Rae - thanks so much for the awards. I will be over to say a huge thank you and of course post about it as well. Thanks both you!!!

And as for the previous post. I don't like Trolls simple as that. Trolls get deleted. The next troll that comes along making comments like our friend's below will be deleted and not acknowledged.

I have a whole list of great websites and blogs coming up to post about and more photos and more news.

Til then Take care everyone and thanks for being great friends.

Love and hugs


  1. Hi Liz, The calf is growing fast isn't it. I shouldn't worry too much about the troll guy, you always get one. Bob

  2. That really is the most pretty calf. Shouldn't worry about being very busy - it is better than sitting about wondering what to do!

  3. hey girl, that photo of the calf and the chicken almost looks like they're making friends. Maybe the calf was smelling her potential dinner, hmm was it the grump chicken by any chance?

  4. Hi Liz..
    Hehehe looks like the calf is keeping eye that chickenn.
    but saying where is my Bottle....

  5. I had a troll visit my blog and I was so shocked I did not know what to do-- first I posted a reply to the annonymous comment but then I thought what the hell ??!!? I'm not going to leave this crap on my blog so I deleted the comment and my response and felt much better about it ** love the kitties and the terrorist ** and did i tell you I LOVE the cow and horse drawings I thought I did but maybe I didn't -

  6. Hi guys!! sorry I haven't replied sooner

    Bob you're right about the troll they always are around and yes the Terrorist is growing and getting big!!!

    Weaver - she is lovely and naughty to go. Still busy with the paper but I'll be finished with it all by Thursday thank goodness.

    Amy - Yes it is the Grumpy Dumb Chicken. The Terrorist eats her feathers and most of the time she lets her do it!!!

    Jeanette - you mus have put words into her mouth it always is I want my bottle!!! LOL!!!

    Kathleen - Yes Trolls are a pain. The Terrorist has horns so any Trolls showing up here on the farm will be *pointedly* removed and thanks for the comments on the drawings I did. Those are five years old now!! LOL!!

    Take care everyone and great to hear from you all