Bovine Blackmailer

It seems the Terrorist always has some kind of cunning plan to get my attention. The other day it was an hour of staring at me through the open window. Didn't convince the hooman thought to give her a bottle. At Sixteen weeks as of today I think somehow the bottle is going to have vanish - try telling her that.


  1. What a lovely face the terrorist has-just makes you wanna give 'em a big Fat cow kiss on the lips!

    Love to you all-

  2. Hi Leslie

    The Terrorist tries to do that. She wanted to kiss Grandma the other day but Grandma was going out. She's so cute but like all babies is growing up. I'll be sorry to put her in the paddock with the others.

    Love to you and your family too!!

  3. I'm catching up on my blog reading I love this face - how could you not give that baby a bottle - we had a bottle baby lamb named walter - every once in a while he would escape and come to the door and once he made it into the house on his search for his bottle-

  4. I know it is sooo hard. She's on once a day now and still so small. I'm a real softy and yes I've had calves in my kitchen before now. My girls left the door open and I had three little calves come into my kitchen mooing for their milk. Lucky for me they didn't leave any calleing cards. LOL!