Art Stuff - the Old Kaukapakapa Slaughter House work in progress

The camera flash didn't help do justice to this painting I'm doing. Strange things can happen with digital cameras at ungodly hours of the night. I love old buildings especially disused farm buildings. This one has had an unpleasant history being the place where cattle and sheep once met their end. Still it's part of our heritage no matter how unsavory it may be. Not all heritage has to be a grand home or a restored settler's cottage. I'm an architecture nut - so if it's interesting I'll photograph it. I've known this old building for over twenty years and sadly now time is taking it's very harsh toll. My friend Anne asked me to paint something rural and not what seems to be the trendy thing with art at the moment. Everyone seems to be painting Frangipanis. I love them but I'd rather learn something new by giving this a go. I'm not really a painter more into the drawing side of things. My birth Grandmother was a marvellous drawer of light houses. She grew up living in isolated parts of New Zealand and as a young girl she used to sit and draw the places where she lived. My cousin Marama is one of New Zealand's best water colourists. I have a lot of catching up to do.


  1. I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job with drawing/painting this, Liz. It looks great already.

    Best wishes,


  2. Ditto Renie!
    You come by your art honest then dont you....its in the blood!

  3. Hi Renie Thanks for the encouragement. It looks way better than the photo. Hope you are getting better after your flu bug.. It's always so lovely to hear from you.

    Best wishes to you to

    Hello Rae!!!It's on the blood maybe but I seriously need some lessons in painting. I'll get there. Its an oil so it will take forever to dry but I like oils better than acrylics strangley enough.