An afternoon with Amy, the kids and Retro Ray

This afternoon the kids and I went over to visit Amy. As usual Amy and I got up to no good and decided to relive our long since gone youth by wearing 1980's New Wave Retro Ray and taking our own self portraits - well enough said about the photos!!!. We were treated to a great song by Inaya, Renee and Michelle called Super Puppy!. Had a drink and Amy's famous blueberry muffins. YUM. Like all good things it had to come to and end but we had a great time and lots of fun. Thanks Amy!!!


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  3. Nice shades-never saw any quite like those, and you wear them well! Sounds like a nice afternoon spent with friends-JOY!


    Thanks for visiting me and for the lovely comment.

  4. Hi Guys!!!!

    Weaver you are just sooo poetic there. Love it. Nostalgia is fun to do. Don't know about the Raybans though. They are very REtro but seeing though them? Ah..no?

    Leslie - Believe me it was probably a good thing they went out of style before 1985. Amy and I looked sooo fashionable...not. We had fun and I got off the farm for a while. Sometimes it's good to do. And I really like your blog. I think it's wonderful. I'll be visiting you often
    Blessings to you too Leslie
    Take care

  5. LOL poor Geoffrey and love my nana arms - not!

  6. Sounds like you guys had fun! It's nice to get off the farm and spend time with friends!

  7. Hey Rae!! We had heaps of fun and we were planning on doing bad things as usual!!! Great to have you back!!!