Off the Farm - A photo from our trip up North

This tree is called "Tane Mahuta" In the Maori language it translates as "Lord of the Forest". Its age is around 2000 years old. It's a New Zealand Kauri Tree. Way back in the early settlement times thousands of these stunning trees were cut down and used as spars on sailing ships. Gradually the forests were all but wiped out. There's a few stands left here and there in Northland New Zealand. Naturally the government has protected them forever - that's good they need to be.


  1. Hi Liz, Thats interesting what you say about the trees being cut down to make ships. Apparently the same thing happened here over the years. The tree in the picture looks a nice tree, imagine all the things its seen over the years. Bob.

  2. I'm with Bob, I always wonder when there are those BIG OLD trees and even the ones when they have died what all they have seen!