The 15kg Terrorist says - "Just Testing Mum!"

Well she just had to go and look didn't she!! My so called vegetable garden (that grows weeds at the moment)looked somehow..appealing not that there really was anything in it that is. After a wet wet winter I gave up growing anything. Now we'll be sorting things out -finally!. The opportunity to take her photo was just too good to miss!


  1. I'm sure the calf wouldn't mind helping you with the weeds in your garden! Bob.

  2. That calf is so adorable! Perhaps you put it to work weeding. :-)

    Thanks for the comment on our blog, and I hope you visit often. I enjoy your blog as well. I love all the pictures and it is fun to see a farm from the other side of the globe.


  3. Actually since I don't have a lawnmower that goes anymore...the Terrorist right now is very useful. Trouble is she's decided this morning to find out what the garden plants taste like too! Guess I'll be rigging an electric wire up and soon before I have no garden left!
    Take care guys