Grump Grump Grump!!!

I'm not talking about me either. Maggie has gone broody -again. She disappears for days on end then reappears -usually on the warpath. You know when she's coming. Grump Grump Grump -look out anyone in her way! Looks like yet again I will have to contact my friend Floyd and get some fertile eggs from him. Floyd breeds heritage chickens and each year one of my hens hatches a clutch for him. Last year it was Feather's turn. She's a Golden Laced Wyandotte -and she is downright dumb but pretty. Well this year Maggie can hatch the next lot. Hopefully Floyd will not end up with one hen and several roosters. I'm supposed to be doing work but I'd rather be out on the farm today fencing in the two rotten sheep (Who keep trying to jump my heifers would you believe)I inherited off the side of the road one winter morning (growl mutter complain). I can't stand sheep, but they taste nice so these two will be headed for my freezer and soon - if I can catch them that is....And Jennifer thanks for your comments I love your blog too!! Rae I'm being naughty and shirking again from work. Bob my cats have decided today to sleep in my box of art supplies they truly do pick some very strange places to call a bed!


  1. Too cute of a picture! My little hen is no longer afraid of me, but I think I'm the only adult I know who goes and "plays" with her chicken! LOL thats me! I wish I could have shirked my duties today, too worn out for much! I wrote about it on my blog, so I wont waste space about it here! LOL I'm worn out, and ready for bed, if the coyotees let me sleep tonight! Need some new art work from you so get back to work chic!

  2. Hey what's this then!!! Slave driver you!!! Coyotes - I guess the gun will be out. I know they cause you guys some serious problems. We don't have those instead I have Australian Possums destroying my trees and garden. Love what you did with the praying hands. I have struggled in the past with a kidney disorder and now and then still have the same troubles - not so much now since I moved to the farm here. Sleep well and yes I am doing some art work in between work and scanning things that is. Sleep tight and hope those coyotes don't keep you awake!