Life Snapshots Part 1 (video) #farmvoices #agchatnz

Over the last six or so years, I've ended up with a huge archive of digital images taken over the years. I'm amazed at how many places, people and animals I've photographed. Some in this video are taken at the farm, and others around the Kaipara, Hokianga and Auckland districts. It's mainly snapshots of rural life and the region I live in. My kids have grown up living a very different to the life they would have had if I hadn't made the decision to start again else where. So why not share the years now in video. It's a half bad first effort. I used Windows Live Movie Maker for this video. The music is composed and performed by Jahzarr. Track is Titled "Roads that burned our boot" Track 2: "The Last ones" these are released by the composer under a Creative Commons attribution license for non-commercial use.


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