And the last thing you'll see is a tractor! Oh and an electrifying story too.

I made a video. Yes I did make one. Indeed I made one. It's a little story I put together about the history of our region before the land was turned into dairy, beef and sheep farms, with a few cropping areas dotted in between. If you have about 6 minutes to spare and can stand watching my amateur attempts at trying to make something look cool then go for it. And the last thing you'll see is a tractor! Mark my words on that. Every good vid about a rural area just has to have a tractor in there somewhere.

And on a funnier note. We have seven turkeys roaming around the farm at the moment.  Of course, around here, only one name comes to mind for such feathered brainless minions of their ilk. Christmas Dinners! Today, the seven christmas dinners decided to hang around the house. On past the door they strutted, gobbling, and doing whatever walking christmas dinners tend to do on a slightly damp day. I wish just a few mere seconds later I had a video camera. One of the christmas dinners, decided it would try perching its bulk on the electric fence! I've never seen a christmas dinner have such an electrifying moment of realisation before. A rather shocking realisation I suppose for that tiny little bird brain to consider. 3000 volts of current and a turkey make for one heck of a launch. Shame it wasn't in the space programme. It might have made a record - for a turkey at least that is. The thing shot straight up in the air gobbling in pain, only to promptly hit the cabbage tree in midflight. It knocked itself out. Wrong month to nab for turning into a frozen christmas dinner. So I left it there for a while. There it lay,  watched over by six other unblinking dumb-as future festivity delights (evil grin). After a few minutes it finally recovered, staggered up and went off with its pals. Not long now until that month without an 'r' in it happens along. All I need now is to find some cranberry sauce.....


  1. The only thing Turkies are good for is the freezer and the oven. No doubt yours will be tough as old boots won't they?

  2. Not at all. They're all young ones. Looking forward to May *evil grin*

  3. Your video was awesome, Liz. I love history, too. So many stories that never get told of all those people. The critters preserved in the Kaipara gum are amazing. Thanks for sharing that.
    As for many ways can we say dumb? When I was growing up we kept a flock of them to butcher at the holidays for my mother's customers. Each bird was forty pounds of turkey, and not an ounce of brains. :)

  4. Nice video Liz. It makes me very sad and angry though to think about losing all that beautiful forest (and wetlands). Would have been awesome to have seen it before it got destroyed.
    re. the turkeys, have only ever tried one of the wild ones and it was tough and tasted horrible, but I think that was before we knew about the 'r' in the month! (something to do with them eating crickets??)
    cheers Bridget


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