Scientific Theory on the back of a truck???

After taking the kids to the dentist yesterday, and heading home with one kid grumpy, because she had a whopping great molar taken out thanks to an abscess under it all, there was the usual road works we seem to encounter every time we head south of the farm gate. I've seen a few dirty looking trucks in my time, usually with words like "CLEAN ME!" or some other kind of reminder to get to the car wash some time soon. But this?? Someone must have been either doing their science homework using the back of  the truck as a note pad or the driver had a sudden moment of divine moment of evoluntionary inspiration. Lucky we had the camera handy. Inaya grabbed a shot while we were stopped at the road works there for a bit.

And guess who turned up just before I wrote this post for their afternoon feed. It's a miserable day here today and a bit cold. Spring is just around the corner (I hope!)

He got his feed, and Ranger and the other little four legged toads were way up the hill where they didn't notice for a change the old boy was getting his feed. He won't share and that lot do not need extra food, not when they all look like fat little barrels with short legs attached. I've had this old horse now for 9 long years. He's getting suddenly very very old. Doesn't help that it's winter. I do worry about him. I really didn't think he would make it through the whole winter. But yet again, now rising 33 years old this tough old boy is still going strong.

Well that's me for a bit. Oh and I found this little guy when I was at the Auckland Museum last week. Remind you of a particular character from a Disney movie? This is a Clown fish. You find them normally living in sea anemones in tropical coral reefs. Which is really where they should remain. Unfortunately the aquarium trade has created a demand for these beautiful tropical reef fish. Captive bred is one thing. But please don't buy them if they aren't without the right kind of paperwork. Always check where marine fish are sourced from and that will help to keep what is left in the wild safe.


  1. The old fellow is looking tired, isn't he? So sad they have to get old.
    And I've enjoyed your pics of tropical fish. I love them even though I live far from the ocean :)

    1. Hi Danni

      Yes he is looking very tired. He doesn't do very much these days. The occasional ride with the kids for half an hour at a walk and that's about all he can handle. The old boy I think is enjoying his retirement. He's been great for teaching those youngsters I have here some manners.

      I love tropical reef fish. The ocean is an amazing place. We have a beach just 10 minutes away on the Kaipara Harbour. I have a couple of other photos too of the fish and of a scary Moray Eel too.


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