Reminders of last winter

Michelle her pet day calf at Wes and Sheryl's place last July.

Inaya taking time out to say hi to one of the calves Wes had brought in 

The milk room in the dairy shed

Calves trying to figure which was the right place to get a drink

 The long shadows of a winter's evening creeping towards Pukearoa

Three little pink piglets getting a share of their evening milk out of the calf vat

The old walk through milking shed and the barns

 Kids on the gate watching the cows head back to the paddock

Old trees covered in lichen waiting for spring to return

Afternoon milking in the shed

Fights over feed bins


  1. Hello Liz - great to see you over on my Ramblings! You have some wonderful photos here - I love the one of the piglets! It's good to be back on the Interneck again after so long. Our intergalactic giraffe Nextra-terrestrial who is currently on planet Earth in the UK is now following you on Twitter! :)

    1. Well I am very pleased you are back Raph.Loving the wonderful art!


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