Not even my gumboots are sacred!

The gumboots are sacred. They are worn on the Mad Bush Farmer's stinky sock covered (rather boney) feet. They prevent the Terrorists clompers from turning the boney feet to mush. They keep the feet dry, warm and they don't leak. These gumboots are supposed to be left just inside the door...

Even the idiot farm dog knows those sacred gumboots after use, are not for his teeth to chew upon. And why is he giving that look then? BECAUSE the stupid idiot Mad Bush Farmer person in her moment of  um...being forgetful, did something REALLY DUMB!.

And left them outside on the doorstep, because the darned phone was ringing. Result = Gumboots are no longer sacred. They made good chewing devices for shrunken fat small horse named Tempest. Small fat horse 100 Mad Bush Farmer FAIL.


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