Equine Mafia Boss demands his dinner at the door!

Another reminder I need to clean my windows. Finger prints, cow slime and now horse slime. Yes there he is waiting at the door step for his dinner. He's all muddy and scruffy right now. The weather well we won't even go there. It's horrible winter rain stuff again. And of course I really hate winter.

Maybe I should just put in a drive in like they do at KFC or McDonalds. I'm sure the equine mafia would just love that.  Well how many have a horse turning up at the door step for their dinner. We do. Why? Because we're mad that's why. Keep on smiling, I know we all are here.


  1. I had a friend in Ireland who had a donkey that could open the back door and would walk-in to the kitchen and help them self to a snack!

  2. How adorable! I used to have wild ducks--many, many of them--peck on the door for a crust of bread when we live in the house with the fish pond. That's what your horse reminded me of!


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