I may be having serious droughts but....

 The big dry continues across most of the country. We've had week, after week of very dry weather. The Government is predicting a NZ$1 Billion loss to the economy. The only producers who will have a good season are our wine producers. It's bad, really bad. Pastures are turning to dust. I was told today there was a farmer having to shoot his stock because he can't feed them. Our water reserves are critically low here on the farm. One thing can be learned out of this how precious our water reserves really are. We've cut down so much it's unbelievable but it's also a real harsh lesson as well. We still have water because I figured after a wet summer the previous year, followed by a wet winter we were in for some seriously dry weather.Sure enough we have this nationwide drought. They say it's the worst in seventy years. This photo I took on March 4th from a lookout on State Highway 16 which overlooks the Kaipara Harbour. Everywhere looks like the parched brown pasture in the image. God help us all if this continues any longer. It's autumn now we can only hope that rain comes soon.

 So while we're having serious droughts staying positive is the only thing to do. Make do with what we have like a sense of humour and an appreciation of how precious our natural resources really are. Look after what you have for sure.

And while this drought is getting on everyone's goat meet Rose she was the Champion of the Pet Goat section I judged at Paparoa Show back in February. She's a stunner and her young owner was very proud of her. Well done Rose!

Someone needs to go on a diet! A word of warning about these miniature horses they can get fat very quickly! He's going into lock up no arguments!


  1. Sorry to hear about your drought. I hope you get some rain very soon.

    Rose is a beautiful goat. I love the markings on her face.

    1. Hi Hal hey thanks for that. We're holding out for rain it's meant to come tomorrow we hope! Glad you like Rose I thought she was wonderful.


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